This Breathtaking Beach Has Some Of The Clearest And Prettiest Water In The Northeast

When it comes to beaches in the United States, the Northeast is likely not the first region that comes to mind. But the crystal clear waters of the Florida Keys and the quintessential surf towns in California can move over for some of the prettiest waters in the country, which just so happens to be in Massachusetts. Wingaersheek Beach, situated in Gloucester, is an underrated beach gem that deserves to be on the beach lover's radar.

Locals and visitors who are in on the secret of Wingaersheek can explore the massive picturesque rocks that line the shore. Strolling the wet sands, visitors can spot the sea critters that occasionally emerge out of the water or enjoy the serene setting of the beach. Located on the Cape Ann peninsula, which provides a more rustic local fisherman vibe as opposed to the ultra-popular and slightly commercialized Cape Cod, a visit to Wingaersheek will provide a laidback, relaxed getaway.

What to do in Wingaersheek

Like any coastal attraction, the best thing to do in Wingaersheek is to enjoy the beach. Walk along the sand, frolic in the water, and take lots of digital and mental photos to preserve the memory. But, of course, far beyond just enjoying a beach day, Wingaersheek has plenty of opportunities for exploring. Animal enthusiasts will especially love it here, as it's an ideal spot for whale watching. Get out on the water with a boat tour, such as the one offered by 7 Seas Whale Watch, to best catch your chance at sighting one of these majestic beauties.

While strolling around town, make sure to swing by the Fishermen's Memorial Monument, a statue dedicated to the hardworking fishermen of Gloucester. Speaking of fishermen, while you could make Gloucester part of a coastal seafood-inspired road trip, you could also simply join Cape Ann Foodie Tours, a highly rated local tour. Embark on a gastronomic adventure and indulge in anything from bacon-wrapped scallops to local olive oil to cannolis. You might think Maine has the best lobster rolls, but local eateries like Jeff's Variety and Lobsta Land Restaurant will quickly debunk that theory.

Gloucester is just one of the many charming Cape Ann coastal towns in the area. If you want to enjoy some other nearby picturesque untouched destinations, head to other Massachusetts towns that are ideal for a crowd-free getaway. Rockport, Manchester-by-the-Sea, and Essex are some examples.

Why people keep coming back

Out of all of the beaches in the northeast, what makes Wingaersheek such a standout? According to TripAdvisor reviews, visitors especially love the powdery white sand, something you likely wouldn't expect to find in this part of the country. People also seem to be intrigued by the number of snails and sand dollars to be found at Wingaersheek Beach. One of the main attractions at the beach is the massive rocks. Many visitors talk about the serene feeling of just sitting on one of the beach's rocks and people watching. Families will especially love it here, as Wingaersheek is one of the most family-friendly destinations in New England.

The only consistent downfall among visitors seems to be in relation to parking. Parking is somewhat limited in the area. For those lucky enough to snag a parking spot, there is typically a fee associated with visiting during high season. Nonetheless, the experience at this beach is worth the hassle.