The Money-Wasting Mistake Too Many Tourists Make While Booking A Hotel In Las Vegas

One of the most popular destinations in the United States, Las Vegas is well-known for its glitz, gambling, and entertainment. Home to over 100 casinos and a wide variety of live shows and attractions, the vibrant city is favored by tourists, gamblers, and thrill-seekers looking to have a good time. However, it's precisely this popularity and ever-growing demand that makes Vegas pretty damn expensive for some travelers — especially when they haven't done their homework.

Because outside of making some pretty glaring mistakes during your trip to Vegas — like skipping out on deals and expecting to beat the house — there's one more factor that can determine whether or not you're shelling out more than you need to on your accommodation: visiting during a major convention.

Quickly cementing its status as the "Convention Capital" of the U.S. (and the world), Vegas has become increasingly popular with companies and organizations who choose the destination as the perfect venue for their events. And with events like the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) drawing in hundreds of thousands of visitors during their stint each year, it's safe to say that competition for accommodation and services is high during these times.

Never book a trip to Las Vegas during a convention or big event

Aside from potentially falling into one of the city's biggest tourist traps and getting stuck with sky-high prices, one of the biggest mistakes you can make while planning a trip to Vegas is traveling during a convention weekend or large-scale event. As demand rises, so do prices, which means you'll potentially be paying a lot more for a room than you normally would.

For example, during 2024's Super Bowl weekend, hotel prices in Vegas went up a whopping 237% compared to the year before, with some weekend stays costing up to $768 for a room. Other price-spiking events in Vegas include public holidays like Labor Day, high-ticket boxing and UFC fights, and music festivals. These generally happen on and off throughout the year, so unless you're specifically planning on attending one, make sure you do some research before pressing "Book Now" and overpaying for your stay. As for conventions, the most popular months for these types of gatherings tend to be between September and October — so go ahead and avoid those, too.

A great way to do this is to make sure you check out the Las Vegas Conventions calendar and stay in the loop with what's coming. That way, you won't waste any time planning for your big getaway at a time when the city is already overrun with attendees.

Choosing the best time to visit Las Vegas

In addition to avoiding convention weekends and other major events, another tip to help you save on your trip to Vegas is looking into other peak periods like holidays and weekends, and making sure you stay far, far away during those. Typically, the popular destination will be at peak capacity during these times, and accommodation — as well as spots for any potential shows or even dining reservations — will be slim pickings. Meanwhile, dealing with fewer crowds won't just save you big bucks, it'll also make hitting up some of Vegas' biggest attractions, and even some of its well-kept hidden gems, a lot more enjoyable.

That said, in terms of the best and most affordable time to visit Las Vegas, you should consider planning your trip during weekdays and in the off-season months — like between January and April (except, of course, for Spring Break) or in November. After all, not only do these months tend to have fewer visitors — which means you'll be more likely to score lower prices on both accommodations and attractions — but they're also pretty pleasant in terms of weather. Along with this, it's also recommended that you book a stay Sunday through Thursday, as it'll likely be cheaper and less crowded than over the weekend — and doesn't that sound like a winning combination?