The Seaside European Destination Where You'll Drink The Best Vodka In The Entire World

Sweden is a beautiful country on its own, but when you add a delicious spirit and sea air into the mix, then you may have yourself the perfect vacation. Vodka lovers, rejoice, as you can enjoy a tasty cocktail right from the source in the town of Åhus in Skåne County, home of Absolut Vodka. You can even tour the distillery that dominates this medieval town. This experience won two categories in the 2022 World Travel Awards: "World's Leading Vodka Distillery Tour" and "Europe's Leading Vodka Distillery Tour." As if Sweden wasn't already one of the internet's most exciting European destinations, this accolade just made it even better.

Absolut Vodka has a lower carbon footprint as the wheat and water used to make it come from one source in southern Sweden. The leftovers from the distillation process feed thousands of local pigs and cows. It was founded by Lars Olsson Smith, who started making it with potatoes before moving all of its production to Åhus. He subsequently became known as "The King of Vodka." This charming town has beaches and a wildlife area, making it a wonderful place to stroll and enjoy the fresh air after a day of touring and vodka tasting.

The Absolut Vodka Tour

The standard tour is one and a half hours and includes a rundown of the vodka's history, lessons on mixing a unique Cosmopolitan, and a look around the historic building. It is offered in both English and Swedish. If you want to master your cocktail-making skills, classes are also available. These workshops will explain how to understand aromas and match flavors and offer top mixology tips that you can use to impress your friends at home.

If you'd rather drink cocktails than make them, there is a tasty selection of vodka-based concoctions and mocktails available to buy, from the humble gimlet to negronis. The distillery's restaurant opens on Friday and Saturday nights, offering a regular and vegetarian menu. There are also snacks to choose from, which incorporate local produce and are inspired by traditional Swedish cuisine. Thankfully, if you want to kick back and relax once your tour is over, there are some fabulous hotels where you can do just that.

Places to stay at Åhus

If you're drinking vodka, be sure to choose accommodation that isn't too far away. A top-rated option is Åhus Gästgivaregård, with a 4.5 out of 5-star rating on Tripadvisor. It is on the river, so you can go canoeing outside the property. Guests liked it for the immaculate rooms and tasty breakfasts. Slightly further along the river is Åhus Missionsgård, which has a 4.5 out of 5-star rating on Google Reviews. It is one of the coolest European hostels and is a great budget-friendly option in bungalows nestled within the town's pine forest. It has a volleyball court, soccer field, playground, and campground.

Another highly-rated establishment is Åhus Seaside, a beachside spa hotel with a pool and gym. There are balcony rooms with ocean views, where you can enjoy an Absolut vodka cocktail as the sun goes down. It also has a great restaurant, as guests rave about the meals there, and bike hire is available for those who want to explore the coast. These places are just a short walk from the distillery, so you won't need to go far once your tasting is over.