Escape Your Winter Woes At This Historic Town In Australia With Remarkable Beaches

When thinking of Australia, dangerous wildlife quickly comes to mind. Given the prevalence of such wildlife on the continent, along with the beloved Australian conservationist Steve Irwin and his family, it is easy to see why this is the case. However, Australia can still be relatively peaceful. Around halfway between the large towns of Adelaide and Melbourne is the quaint, picturesque coastal town of Robe.

With Australia's opposite seasons to the northern hemisphere, Robe is a beautiful winter escape along the continent's Limestone Coast. During December, January, and February, temperatures are usually between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Robe has something for everyone, from relaxing beaches to a variety of outdoor activities. There are even trails perfect for adventurous four-wheel drivers along Australia's gorgeous coastline, contrasting rocky terrain and sandy beaches. As a significant port city for southern Australia, Robe also has historic structures to visit, such as the Obelisk (pictured above), which dates back to 1855.

Even beginners will enjoy surfing at Long Beach in Robe

Robe's western coast has a handful of beaches to choose from, like Glass Beach and West Beach. While both have rocky sections, plenty of sandy spots remain for a tranquil beach day. For another relaxing sandy beach, which is also a surfing hotspot, head to Long Beach on the town's northeastern coast. Long Beach is popular among surfers and windsurfers of any skill level.

The land north of Glass Beach is a peninsula with multiple points of interest. These make for a beautiful walking tour, including the previously mentioned Robe Obelisk. The Robe Jetty on the eastern side is a long pier offering a vantage point to see the rocky peninsula. Just across the road from the pier are the historic Robe Gaol Ruins, which were once small places for prisoners to stay en route to Adelaide in the mid-1800s. At the northern point of the peninsula is the Obelisk Lookout, which is perfect for photographing the coast and the Obelisk. The Obelisk itself is a short walk to the west.

Stay overnight in Little Dip Conservation Park

To experience Robe, Australia, uniquely, book a truck tour with Robe 4X4 Back Beach Adventure Tour. These trips take visitors over Robe's rugged terrain either in your own four-wheel drive vehicle as you follow a guide or in the guide's vehicle. Destinations on the tour include reefs in shallow swimming areas, caves, and exclusive beaches. 

A few miles south of Robe are multiple campgrounds within Little Dip Conservation Park. The Gums Campground and Stony Rise Campground are around 2 miles from Robe, while Long Gully and Old Man Lake campgrounds are further south in the park. Book your spot through the National Parks and Wildlife Services website. 

Near the campgrounds is the luxurious Stony Rise Lodge for those who do not want to camp. Staff at this lodge are also available to help you plan your outdoor excursions. However, you can enjoy Little Dip National Park without staying overnight. Single-day visitors still get to see the park's sand dunes, rocky cliffs, fresh and saltwater lakes, and birdwatching.