Your Next Flight On This US Airline May Include A New Self-Serve Snack Bar

If you're traveling the friendly skies on United Airlines anytime soon, there's some good news. Gone are the days where you'll sit in your seat, silently hoping that the flight attendant will come through with another round of snacks and drinks, or debating whether it's good airplane etiquette to ring the call button for an extra treat. United is testing out a self-serve "Grab-N-Go" snack station onboard the Airbus A321neo, the latest aircraft in its fleet.

After the flight attendants are done handing out the first round of food and beverages, economy passengers will have the chance to help themselves to a selection of snacks, similar to JetBlue Pantry service, which has been a perk since 2014. The items will be available on a first-come, first serve basis, including bottles of water, That Its Bars, Undercover chocolate quinoa crisps, and a savory mix. The snack bar will only be on the new jets for flights longer than 801 miles, at least for now. Supplies are limited and may vary depending on your route.

United's Airbus A321neo

The "Grab-N-Go" snack station is part of United's commitment to upleveling customer service, no matter what cabin you're in, the airline said in a statement to Business Insider. It could also help field some customer service requests. Typically, there's one flight attendant assigned for every 50 passengers. With the new snack stations, passengers will be able to help themselves while flight attendants focus on, well, just about everything else — from hot meals, cocktails, and cleaning to keeping passengers safe for the duration of the flight.

The latest United aircraft in the fleet took its inaugural flight on November 30, 2023 from Houston to Chicago. The Airbus A321neo also features seatback screens for every passenger, Bluetooth connectivity, power outlets, USB ports, and more overhead bin space. With other recent changes, like the WILMA seating protocol that shaves two minutes off the clock, it seems as though United is maximizing efficiency and modernizing the passenger experience wherever possible.