This Incredible Mexico Destination Is A Must-Visit For Foodies

Bienvenido a San Miguel de Allende! While the American craving for Mexican food has long been satisfied by California's fusion of coastal ingredients and the rich, southern Tejan dishes smothered in cheese, San Miguel de Allende provides an unrivaled food haven. Several iconic magazines, including Forbes and Business Insider, have recognized the city as one that blends Mexico's best qualities: vibrant art murals, Hacienda-style architecture, and an infectious culinary scene. 

San Miguel's eclectic food culture remains rooted in traditional Mexican staples while adding a bit of flair influenced by global expats and a thriving tourist population. Street food vendors populate nearly every corner, while fine dining venues invite guests to enjoy coveted morsels prepared with an upscale flair. This underrated tourist destination has mastered the art of producing some of Mexico's finest dishes, beckoning globetrotters and food connoisseurs from around the world. Over the years, San Miguel has been overtaken by innovative culinary artists painting with flavors from diverse cuisines, prospering creatives eager to leave their mark on Mexico's exciting culinary canvas. 

Taste the native flavors of San Miguel de Allende

At the heart of San Miguel's farm-to-table dining scene is the local marketplace, where locals can pick from the freshest seasonal ingredients available in the region. Quality is what elevates this city's reputation as one of the best hot spots across the globe. You can't leave without trying the city's famous enchiladas mineras, a dish laden with meat filling and topped with guajillo chile sauce, lettuce, fried carrots, and potatoes. Pacholas guanajuatenses is another local favorite. The seasoned carne is a staple in nearly all traditional dishes. Opt for a lighter meal with fiambre de San Miguel de Allende. This aromatic beef, chicken, and pork blend sets atop a beautiful medley of fruits and vegetables coated with oil and vinegar.

Make sure you save room for coffee and dessert! San Miguel's world-class fare doesn't end with ceviche and chiles en nogada. Many coffee connoisseurs are unaware that San Miguel specializes in quality, artisan coffee. According to National Geographic, the secret to the city's thriving coffee scene rests in quality sourcing, preparation, and pride. The Mexican beans are harvested and imported from Oaxaca, one of Mexico's largest coffee producers. Optimal roasting temperatures combined with a blend of modern and Japanese Siphon techniques result in a perfectly balanced cup of coffee that's muy bueno!

Dine and indulge at these local hot spot eateries

From relaxed rooftop settings to upscale dining spheres, San Miguel has garnered a reputation as a culinary capital. Unlike dining in many American cities, this budget-friendly destination offers guests the leisure of enjoying a meal out without breaking the bank. Voted as the Best Rooftop Restaurant in the World by The Rooftop Guide, Quince captures the best dishes of Latin American cuisine, ranging from Peruvian, cajun, and native Mexican. Unobstructed views of the city skyline complement their globally inspired menu. The authentic eatery offers itself to the public with bold takes on classic Mexican staples like huevos rancheros and unique fusions such as costilla corta braseada con hummus suave (braised short rib with soft hummus).

From the outside, Tostévere is an obscure restaurant in the heart of San Miguel, yet it quickly captures its guests' attention. This casual, eclectic eatery features a fusion of small plates that emphasize the flavors of the sea. Truffled esquites and tempura shrimp tacos are just a few seafood favorites that litter the hand-written menu. Their beverage section stars their signature cocktail lineup, with the smoky mezcal stealing the show.

Step inside this quaint, stylish cafe and breathe in the sweet aroma of fresh-brewing coffee! Lavanda Cafe's beans are locally sourced and roasted in the city, forming a competitive bebidas (drink) menu. Lush, flowering plants meet a rustic interior, while their sun-drenched back patio offers visitors a space to enjoy tapas in tranquility and style. Lavanda Cafe is a local hotspot for breakfast favorites such as huevos poché (poached eggs) and savory lunch bites like their tacos de pescado (fish tacos).