The Simple Tip For Keeping Your Clothes Organized In A Cruise Cabin

Sometimes, the most effective ways of staying organized are the simplest. Organization is important in many different travel situations, but especially when you're setting up your things in your cruise cabin. The best tip for maximizing space while on your cruise and keeping your things in good order is getting lots and lots of hangers. Most standard cabins on cruise ships include closets with hanging space. The problem is that these closets tend to be stocked with only a few hangers, so as you're introduced to your cabin steward on the first day, be sure to ask them for several extra hangers.

We're all about ways to keep your cabin and things organized while on a cruise, because you want to enjoy your trip to the utmost, and one way to relieve stress and maximize enjoyment is to have your things in order. Cruise cabins can be tight, so it's worth the effort. Plus, traveling comes with enough stressors, so returning to a clean, tidy cabin can help keep the zen in your trip. When it comes to packed clothes, bringing a wrinkle-release spray is a great idea. But best practices with clothing on a cruise don't just stop at a spray. It's crucial to hang your clothing to make the most of your luggage, and your vacation time.

Why hangers are such a big deal

It might seem easier to just plop your suitcase down and go when you arrive at your cruise cabin, but it's actually worth the added effort of properly unpacking and hanging up your clothes when you arrive. Once you've received a few extra hangers from your cabin steward, you can quickly and efficiently hang up what's in your luggage. For one, it keeps things from getting wrinkled, so that you can look and feel your best while enjoying your cruise. Secondly, it keeps your clothing smelling fresh, especially if you plan on re-wearing some items. Taking off clothes and cramming them back in a closed suitcase can make your garments smell musty. If they get the chance to air out on hangers, you'll get more mileage out of your outfits.

Using extra hangers is also a great way to actually use everything you've packed. How many times have we returned home from a trip and unpacked our suitcases only to realize there were pieces in there that we missed, simply because of the challenges of digging through our luggage? This way, if everything's hanging, you can get a good look at what you have and take it from there. It'll feel more like home too, as opposed to living out of a suitcase on your special vacation.