Keep Your Cruise Cabin Clean With TikTok's Genius Sponge Hack

It's time. You've been waiting for this vacation ever since you booked your cruise in advance. You've picked all the perfect outfits, figured out which excursions you'll partake in, and even mapped out where all the restaurants are on the ship. It's almost time to embark on your adventure.

Now you just have to review the details: Your clothes are safely tucked away in your suitcase, your passport is in your backpack, your sunglasses are resting on the top of your head, you have snacks and medicine ready to go ... what about cleaning supplies?

Obviously this is not the time to buy spray bottles, brooms, and cleaning detergents. We simply mean a few small, portable, and convenient things: sponges, liquid dish soap, and Ziploc bags. No, we're not asking you to pack a whole bottle of liquid dish soap — we're not even suggesting packing a small one. Instead, you'll drizzle the soap over the sponges ahead of time. Let us explain. 

Prepping for a clean cruise

On many cruises, you get housekeeping services. Employees will come in when you're out to tidy up the room, make beds, and replace towels and kitchen items. While this is convenient, you could be stuck with dirty dishes if the cleaners haven't replaced them yet. (And even if the dishes appear clean, they might not be.) This TikTok hack will save you from such a situation.

To start, you'll need a sponge. There's no need to splurge; the most inexpensive kind will do. Once your sponges are secured, you'll grab your scissors and cut each sponge into small squares, about an inch and a half wide. Next, you'll place them on a plate and drizzle a generous amount of liquid dish soap onto them. You'll then move the plate into direct sunlight and wait until the sponges absorb the dish soap. Finally, you'll transfer them into a Ziploc bag until you're ready to use them.

Sponges for the kitchen

Once you're on the cruise and settled in your room, you'll have a chance to try this hack. When you have a dirty dish or spill something on the counter, pull out one of the sponge squares, add water, and then use it as normal. Like all sponges, each square is reusable, meaning this method should last you for the whole duration of your cruise. "This is the ultimate cruise hack for your cabin or stateroom that's going to make your cruise holiday so much easier," Olivia from Cruising Insiders said on her TikTok.

Whether you've been on multiple cruises or you're a first-time cruiser, this hack can help you keep things clean in a convenient way. It doesn't take up much space in your luggage, and the sponge squares are disposable, meaning you won't have to take them back with you. They make cleanup quick and easy.