The Genius Hack For Packing Your Wet Bathing Suits

There is an art to packing a suitcase. Whether it's using packing cubes, trying the next big TikTok hack to avoid excess bag fees, or rolling your clothes military-style, there's not much that beats the feeling of fitting everything you need into a carry-on. But what happens when the holiday's over, time's running out, and you're still craving one final dip in the ocean or pool? Just throw that wet swimsuit into the bag and call it a day? Think again.

Just like the internet has been buzzing about using a pillowcase to bring more clothes on board, packing a damp suit and keeping the rest of your clothing dry comes with its own trick. And it's all thanks to something you can find in every hotel, in every city, pretty much anywhere you go: a trusty shower cap. The perfect size for stashing a wet bathing suit, effectively separating it from the rest of your clothes, using a shower cap ensures that your last-minute swim doesn't come at the expense of the rest of your wardrobe.

Now, this might not be ideal if you're about to hitch a 10-hour plane ride back home — you don't want to be unzipping a suitcase with anything wet after that long. But for a day trip or weekend escapade? Shower cap away!

Wet clothes? No problem

Coming home to wet clothes that have been marinating inside a suitcase stinks — literally. That's the beauty of the shower cap hack. It saves your suitcase (and your nose) from that dreaded damp smell while also being incredibly simple.

How's it work? Easy. When it's time to pack up and move on, just squeeze out as much water as you can from your bathing suit, place it in the shower cap, and twist it shut. You can even use the hotel hairdryer to remove extra moisture if needed. Not only does this method buy you precious time to dry your suit out, but it also ensures the rest of your luggage stays dry and smell-free.

Another brilliant, little-known trick you can use in a pinch also involves another hotel room staple — a towel. After squeezing as much water as you can from your bathing suit, lay it flat on a clean, dry towel. Then, roll the towel up tightly with the suit inside, apply pressure, and repeat the process. The towel will take care of absorbing the excess water, leaving your suit significantly drier than how it started. However, don't try to pack the towel with you. Most hotels have strict rules that prohibit guests from taking towels, so it's best to stick to the complimentary toiletries you can take from your hotel room, and hang that fluffy towel back up where it belongs.

More shower cap packing hacks

Hotel shower caps aren't just great for packing wet bathing suits, though. This seemingly outdated piece of plastic has a lot more tricks to give. For one, they're also great for storing dirty footwear. Whether it's a pair of sandy flip-flops or dirt-caked hiking boots, most travelers already know that worn shoes can be a packing headache. Cue the shower cap. Simply slip your footwear inside and slide them into your suitcase, confident that the rest of your clothes are protected from any foot-related grime.

Moreover, shower caps can also serve as impromptu toiletry bags when you're in a pinch and there's no Ziploc in sight to protect all your liquids. That means no more exploding shampoo bottles, leaky skincare products, or sunscreen all over your clothes, ready to surprise you back home.

As you can see, becoming a packing pro isn't about having all the gadgets or paying the big bucks for something like smart luggage. It's also about creativity, thinking on your feet, and even turning everyday items into must-have travel companions — just like the humble shower cap. So, next time you're getting ready for a trip, why not bring one along too?