Traveling On A Holiday May Be The Simplest Hack For Saving On Flights

Figuring out the best ways to save on airfare can be an exhausting venture. There's so much to consider, from discerning which days to book vs. which to fly, to comparing airfare deals on different travel sites, to making sure you remember all the luggage and carry-on requirements and costs — let's just say it's not exactly the easiest task to master.

With that being said, learning travel hacks can mean the difference between spending or saving hundreds of dollars. It might take a minute, but it's well worth the time invested. One simple place to start is looking to travel on holidays. You might think that holiday travel is when prices skyrocket, and you're not wrong; however, those higher prices are usually on the days preceding and following the holiday. For example, everyone wants to be home on Christmas Day, so naturally, they try to leave a day or two before. For those who have flexibility when it comes to holiday duties, traveling on the exact date of a holiday could be a simple solution to saving you money.

When to book your flight

As you can probably imagine, price and the number of people buying tickets go hand in hand. It's simple economics of supply and demand. When more people are competing for a ticket, the price goes up. Given how busy holiday travel is with everyone trying to fly home or to a vacation destination, it makes sense why you typically see drastic price increases around these times. Booking on the holiday itself can help cut some of these costs.

To save the most cash, book early, even if you plan to fly on the holiday's exact date. Try to book about three or four months in advance; so if you're flying somewhere for Thanksgiving, it's best to book your flight in August. If you can't do that, book as early as you can. According to CheapAir, flights around Thanksgiving are looking to be 12% more expensive in 2023 than in 2022, and flights around Christmas will be about 11% more. 

Benefits and potential upgrades to traveling on a holiday

Learning the best and worst days for holiday travel can save you time, energy, and money. Traveling on a holiday typically means less crowds and less hassle. You're more likely to avoid the frustration of traffic jams, the stress of long lines, and the worry of lost luggage when you book on holidays. For example, the days leading up to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are some of the busiest of the year, meanwhile Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are some of the slowest days of the season for many airports.

Additionally, you might be able to land a free upgrade or accommodation, such as moving to first class as opposed to sitting in coach. While it's not guaranteed, it never hurts to simply ask. Given that the flight is more likely to be almost empty, the odds just might be in your favor.

Now is a great time to start making your travel plans for the winter holidays. Be it Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years, looking for flights and taking advantage of deals can help keep your wallet full.