The Simple TikTok Hack For Finding The Best Area To Stay In On Your Next Trip

Who knew TikTok was rife with travel hacks? Here's one you might not have heard of before. TikToker Jessica Tsoi (@jessicawantsanap) shared how she uses Google Maps to create a custom itinerary for her trip. And, no it's not what you think.

We've all used Google Maps to check out destinations or find out where attractions or popular tourist spots are located. We might have also used it to read reviews of local businesses from travelers who've been there. But, it turns out we might not be using the tool to its optimum.

"It has come to my attention that not everyone plans a trip this way," Tsoi tells viewers of her video. "And ever since I started doing this, I can't look back." By using Google My Maps, Tsoi can create a map that's catered to her interests. Here's how she does it.

How to create a custom trip itinerary with Google My Maps

First, go to Google My Maps. Then click "Create a New Map" and enter the destination you want to map out. Then play around with its features. You can add placemarks for attractions, add notes, add lines, and insert directions.

Jessica Tsoi uses these tools to plot out her areas or sites of interest and public transpo. Then she goes on Google to search for the best accommodation in the areas she wants to visit and makes her final choice from there. "I usually have about two areas I'm deciding between," Tsoi told The Washington Post. "And seeing all this laid out is really helpful for me to decide." For Tsoi, the goal of making this customized map is to be able to stay where most of her interest points are. You can also use this to plan out days or weeks, or as a starting point of your travels for those who crave spontaneity.

Sadly, you won't be able to create or edit these maps on your phone, so you'll have to open your computer for this one. But, once you're done, you can save an offline copy and send it to your mobile, so you can check it out without using up data in your international phone plan.

Other TikTok travel hacks

Aside from Jessica Tsoi's travel hack, other TikTokers have been offering some cool travel advice as well. If you want to track flights in real time, TikTok user @live_thedash shares how iPhone users can do that. All you need to do is send someone an iMessage with the airline name and flight number before boarding. Upon receiving the text, they'll see the flight number underlined and when selected, the options to "Preview Flight" or "Copy Flight Code." Selecting the former will show them the progress of your flight, including information like estimated arrival time and a flight map.

How about that flight time lapse Instagrammers would love to have? TikTok has a hack for that too. User @humminglion shares that you can capture spectacular views of clouds zipping past during the flight if you have your phone on time lapse mode behind the window blind. But, perhaps do this after take-off or before landing, as CAA regulation requires blinds to be up during those times for safety reasons. Give it a shot and see the stunning views you can capture.