Next Time You're At Disney, Why Not Stay In The Room Where John Lennon Officially Left The Beatles?

Walt Disney World is one of the most successful and popular theme parks on the globe. Prior to the pandemic, more than 20 million guests attended the Magic Kingdom park each year from 2015 to 2019, per data from Statista. Since 2020, millions have steadily begun streaming into this family-friendly set of parks dubbed "The Happiest Place on Earth" — with 12.69 million visitors gracing the Magic Kingdom in 2021.

With so many travelers making their way to Buena Vista, Florida, you might be searching for Walt Disney World tips and tricks. Look no further: We have everything you need to know to ensure your trip is as seamless, memorable, and unique as possible. If you are planning on staying at a Disney hotel, you could book your room in the iconic spot where the world's most influential rock band broke up. Yes, the Beatles technically broke up at Walt Disney World. And you could stay in the room where it happened.

The Beatles officially ended it at the Polynesian Resort

A seemingly non-descript long-house at the Polynesian Resort was the scene of one of the most crucial moments in classic rock history. While avid rock history buffs may remember the fateful turn of events and resulting break-up of the band responsible for changing pop music, the average person may not know the story of the Beatle's official end. According to Ultimate Classic Rock, the band had been on the outs dating back to when John Lennon voiced his intentions to leave the group in 1969. Paul McCartney recalled the events to The Guardian, saying that Lennon described it as "rather like a divorce." A year later, McCartney announced the end of the Beatles, according to

That was only the beginning of the end. The legal implications that still tied the band together took some time to settle. But in 1974, with documents already signed by Ringo Starr, George Harrison, and McCartney, the band members awaited Lennon for the final signing that would officially end the Beatles.

But Lennon never showed. He was in Florida with his secretary-slash-lover, May Pang, per the Walt Disney World Radio Podcast. The "Fab Four" officially ended when Lennon signed documents after being tracked down by an attorney at the resort. With his signature, the Beatles had ended their journey on their "long and winding road."

What room at the Polynesian Resort did John Lennon stay in

May Pang recounted her stay at the Polynesian Resort with Walt Disney World Radio Podcast host Lou Mongello in 2009. Mongello asked Pang to clear up the "urban legend" concerning the end of the Beatles as a band. "Let's put it this way," said Pang, who was a companion to Lennon for over 10 years. "The Beatles as a group officially — on paper ... we have to put this down on paper with all the lawyers ... and make it official. John [Lennon] signed the agreement papers [to end the band] down in Disney World in 1974."

"We were staying at the Polynesian Hotel," Pang said, confirming the legend as real. John Lennon had said he wasn't happy with a clause, refusing to sign the documents as scheduled in New York. Pang recounted how lawyers came down to Florida a few days later with the documents. She photographed Lennon's signature that he inked in that fateful Polynesian Resort room.

And with some sleuthing, vlogger AdamTheWoo figured out what he believes to be the room that Lennon stayed in. The Samoa long-house was allegedly where Pang and Lennon resided during their vacation. With the help of Pang's memoirs, AdamTheWoo pieced together that they stayed in the bottom corner room of the Samoa that faces the Magic Kingdom. Still open to the public, you could book this living setting of history for your own Disney vacation.