Germany's Most Romantic Hotel Also Holds A Cozy World Record

Imagine traveling to a small beer village in Germany for a romantic getaway. You're craving hops and romance, so you just go ahead and book the entire hotel, ensuring absolute privacy. Sure, this sounds like a dreamy scene from a James Bond movie, but it's just a few mouse clicks and a flight away. Of course, we can't promise that your travel budget will cover the cost of a Bond-inspired sports car, but one thing is certain — you can stay at one of the most romantic hotels in the world and have it all to yourself. 

We're in a travel boom, according to Nerd Wallet, which has many of us feeling eager to explore. One challenge, however, is that popular tourist destinations might feel chaotic with the influx of travelers. So if you want to sip authentic German beer and then retreat to a quiet romantic setting, you should set your sights on the idyllic town of Amberg, Germany. There, you'll find a cozy hotel so unique that it holds a Guinness World Record.

This tiny hotel has ambiance in abundance

Nestled among Amberg, among Bavarian vibes and beer gardens, you'll find The Eh'haeusl Hotel, which holds the Guinness World Record for being the world's smallest hotel. At an ultra-cozy 174 square feet, the snuggly nook is all yours since the entire inn is booked as one luxe reservation. 

Its appeal goes beyond curiosity, however, and even caught the eye of Travel & Leisure, which featured the hotel's opulent décor, including a luxurious soaking tub, chiseled statues, a formal sitting area, and the ambiance of candelabras. Plus, the property offers a flat-screen television, so you can even hunker down for an evening devoted to watching the 20 best romantic movies on Hulu.

If it seems unusual that such a small space can accommodate such opulence, the hotel's extraordinary history is the key to unlocking its mystery. The story of the hotel  –  which dates back to 1728, when it was originally constructed — is steeped in equal parts romance and business savvy.

You needed land to marry your love in days of yore

Standing just 8 feet wide, the little red hotel, Eh'haeusl, is often referred to as the marriage house. When it was constructed in 1728, the local laws were strict, and land ownership was required to marry. Well, in an OG example of "love wins," one starry-eyed businessman decided to buck the system.

We imagine the lovestruck man chatting with friends in the beer garden, lamenting his lack of land and professing his desire to marry his one true love. Then it comes to him, and he declares, "Hold my bier (stein)!" He set out to adhere to the regulations, on a budget as small as the soon-to-be house itself, finding a gap between two existing buildings and simply adding a front and back wall to form a narrow, rectangular house. Then, he popped on a roof and exchanged vows with his true love. As romantic as Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's whirlwind wedding weekend was, this epic love gesture has stood the test of time for more than 290 years!

It's no surprise, of course, with such a romantic backstory, that Insider reports that the hotel is especially popular as a honeymoon destination. Add to that the town's notably quaint beer gardens, and we find ourselves over here whispering, "I do," as we research flights and pack our bags.