When To Avoid Visiting These 30 Popular Islands

Islands appeal to tourists with miles of breathtaking beaches, small and big waves that will satisfy an experienced surfer as well as an inexperienced swimmer, and unspoiled wilderness backdrops for adventurous travelers.[slideshow:103550]

Atolls invoke dreams of paradise — sublime colorful sand beaches, rustling palms, turquoise blue water, and serene seas.

They boast marvelous surroundings such as lavish jungles, soaring mountains and active volcanoes you can actually hike. Time tends to move slower there, making for an ideal escape from a big city.

All of these make certain islands extremely popular with tourists. And they tend to flock there at the same time. Sometimes it's because the weather is best during particular months or this is when most people, and kids, have off.

Usually, a good time to avoid a tourist hot spot is during its peak season. It varies from island to island.

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