The Best Accessories For Indoor Swimming

It's cold outside for open water swimming but that shouldn't stop you from practicing your favorite sport. Indoor pools are a good substitute. They are easy to access and keep a constant high enough temperature, so a rainy or a snowy day won't get in your way of keeping your fitness level up.  

The American Council on Exercise says kids and teens should exercise for 60 minutes a day. An hour in the pool makes time fly. Swimming is a low-impact activity so the risk for an injury is significantly lower. It's also a good great alternative for people how have pre-existing health problems and shouldn't run. Doing laps for about an hour will burn about 500 calories. Plus, every major muscle group in your body has been working out. It's like killing many birds with one stone.

Chlorine is the major reason why most people don't like pools. The good news is that salt water chlorination has become very popular. (Don't worry – such pools are not as salty as the sea.) The water in them doesn't irritate the eyes and skin as much and it generally feels softer.

So now that there are no more excuses, it's important to get the right accessories for indoor swimming.

Burner EBP Fins

The Burner EBP Fin is a floating short blade swim fin that mimics race-day cadence while building lean muscle. You start to feel the burn after a few laps. They don't fall off in the water and never leave you with blisters. These fins keep the foot anchored during flip turns and push-offs. If you're looking for a good leg workout, these fins are the right choice. They work well with backstroke, too. The fins may be short but that only makes your legs work even harder which helps you build muscle. Price: $35

I.M. Tech Paddles

Most reviews say these paddles are worth the money because they clean easily, dry quickly and are very functional, which mean you are improving your arms strength. The paddles are ideal if you're doing interval training because they are very easy to put on and take off. You can also use them for other water sports such as boating, kayaking, waterskiing and even sailing. Price: $20

X1 Goggle

The X1 goggles don't let any water in. Their anti-fog feature keep them clear during long swims as well. You won't get more visibility unless you wear no goggles at all. They are good for many weather conditions so you can even use them if you're swimming in the ocean. Bonus: They leave no pressure marks. Price: $25

Alliance Team Mini Backpack

A reason this bag is one of the best – other than the colors – is that it holds a lot more than its name suggests but doesn't occupy much space. It has its own pocket for goggles and another one for a smartphone or an iPad. It also has a separate wet compartment so you won't mix your wet and dry clothes, which leaves the latter smelling fresh. This is the kind of backpack you can use for years. Price: $50

Garden Party Back 1 Piece Swimsuit

You want your swimming suit to allow for a full range of motion and be made of fabric that lasts after a few laps in the pool. That's why swimsuit shopping can be frustrating. This one-piece apparel solves the problem. The fabric stretches out and resists chlorine which increases the life span of the swimsuit. Price: $63

Awesome Girl Thin Strap

Want to add some fun into your swimming routine and feel like Wonder Woman? Then you're going to like this swimsuit very much. It fits a bit tight when dry bit it's perfect in the water. Price: $55

Composite Silicone Cap

This light cap will keep the water out of your ears even if you have thin hair. It fits very well because it's stretchy enough and it stays in one place without pulling the hair. It dries quickly, too. Don't forget to wet your hair before putting on the cap. Price: $12

Fastskin FSII Jammer

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If you're serious about swimming, you'll like this suit. It's ideal for short courses but it lasts for a long time – at least 20 races. It's a bit tight when you put it on but all of this goes away when you're in the other. Many reviews say that this is a very fast suit and shaves a lot of time in the pool. Price: $150

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