15 Most Spectacular Lakes In The World

Lakes enhance some of water's most appealing features – fascinating but calm currents and unbelievable reflections. These meres range from small ponds to huge freshwater lagoons that people can easily mistake for seas or even oceans.[slideshow:86840]

A large body of water that is surrounded by land is affected by climate, geology and people – all of which contribute to its unique features and beauty. Some are protected areas while others are open year-round for people to dive off docks, swim, go on boat tours, and enjoy anyway they can.

With millions of gorgeous lakes all over the world, you probably live very close to one. But some stand out – the deepest in the world or in the U.S., or the loch with the most incredible natural blue color that never needs to be photoshopped. 

A lake with calcium carbonate, as well as hydrophytes with various colors that give it five distinct hues is also on the list. So is a pink lake in Australia, which is perfectly safe for swimming, and the most famous Mirror Lake in the world, reflecting New Zealand's highest peaks.

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