VOTE: Nat Geo's Adventurer Of The Year

It's that time again when National Geographic publishes the top picks for Adventurer of the Year.  You can help choose the winners.

Competitors include BASE Jumper Felix Baumgartner, the 43-year-old who jumped from 128,100 feet above Earth to break (and set) several records including highest free fall; surfer Ramon Navarro, who completed what some in the surf community called the best tube ride ever; and Jeremy Jones, the snowboarding pioneer who chose to tackle slopes in the most remote locations he could find, from Japan's Alps to Austria's Karwendelgebirge Range. 

The other worthy candidates are artist and climber Renan Ozturk, climber David Lama, explorer Mike Libecki, humanitarian Shannon Galpin, kayaker Steve Fisher, skier Josh Dueck, and ultrarunner Lizzy Hawker.

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