Video: The World's Best Whitewater Kayakers Compete In Chile

Bringing together 30 of the world's best whitewater kayakers, the Whitewater Grand Prix is a grueling 14 days of five of the most challenging and spectacular whitewater runs in Chile. Now, with two events left to go, three kayakers share the men's lead: Dane Jackson (USA, son of legendary paddler Eric Jackson, founder of Jackson Kayak), Eric Deguil (France) and Isaac Levinson (USA).

Check out the roundup of the third event, a sprint down the Rio Nevados (and if you're inspired—and you will be—you can catch the first two event highlights here). It's a rare glimpse into an adrenaline-fueled sport that often lacks spectators—and a chance to watch some of the world's most talented water athletes take on crazy rapids.

Or, if you're not into seeing someone put themselves in peril, watch the video below for a just-as-exciting version of the Whitewater Grand Lego form.