VIDEO: Sharma Climbs "Witness The Fitness"

The route featured above, Witness the Fitness, is enjoying some renewed publicity.

The story of this boulder problem began in 2005, when this footage was captured by Big Up Productions. That year Chris Sharma established the route in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas.

The 40-foot problem begins on a long, horizontal roof with a series of finger-aching crimps and pockets, goes through a small collection of mushroom-shaped holds hanging from the ceiling, and ends with a climb out of the cave and up onto the top of the cliff. 

At the time, this climb was a new best for Sharma—the hardest boulder problem he had ever completed.

When word got out, Swiss climber Fred Nicole decided to try the route. After two trips to the United States the next year, he claimed the second ascent, but broke off several holds in the process. 

For the next six years, the route remained unclimbed. And as climbers broke off more holds in their attempts, many began to believe the line was no longer possible.

But Daniel Woods, Jimmy Webb and Paul Robinson had a different idea.

In the first days of January, the trio went to the Ozarks to check out the route. On their first day on the rock, they solved the crux with a different set of moves than Sharma had used in 2005. On the third day, Woods sent the problem, calling it the best roof he's ever done.

Big Up Productions also caught Woods' ascent on video, so stay tuned for the footage. 

Via dpmClimbing and Big Up Productions.