Video: Epic Bouldering In Middle America

There you have it. Proof of great climbing in and around, of all places, Tulsa, OK.

Sportiva-sponsored climber Josh Haynes, along with wife Rachel, moved out to Tulsa a couple of years back expecting to find, we assume, a lot of very flat land and copious tornadoes. Instead, there were five classic bouldering areas around town, strewn with routes ranging in difficulty from v3 to v11. Together with their friends, they started climbing and filming. This cut, Sendnation: Tulsa, is a bit long at 30 minutes (click here for the 2-minute trailer), but it's worth the watching, and is packed with everything you'd want from a bouldering vid—an ear-splitting hawk's screech, talk of alien blade lasers (whatever those are), gnarly overhangs, butt-on-the-floor problems of the sort you'd find at Hueco Tanks and a solid sountrack.

Let it be known, middle Americans, that you can unload your VW buses and Chevy Astros. There's no need for a weeks-long dirtbag climbing trip to J-Tree or Red River Gorge, or even Huecto Tanks. Not when the climbing is this good, right in your own backyard.