Video: Diving From 90-Foot Cliffs

Yesterday, a slew of divers found themselves speedo-clad, standing on a platform jutted 90-feet over the chilly 60-degree waters of the Blue Lagoon, an old slate quarry in Pembrokeshire, South Wales. And then jumping in. More than once.

Who are these people? Count on Red Bull to deliver the extreme entertainment. The day in Wales marked the final competition before the Cliff Diving World Series Championship, which will be held in Oman on September 27. The athletes, from around the world, have been traveling with the tour since the end of June, spinning and flipping their way off of some of the most breathtaking cliffs in the world (as if the diving itself isn't breathtaking enough).

In competition, American Steven LoBue took his first win by nailing a quad half and back triple triple (aka some crazy-amazing stunts), putting him in third place overall heading into the championship.


Check out some of the amazing past locations from this year's tour—the tiny pool of the Serpent's Lair in Inis Mor, Ireland, and the island of the Azores, Portugal are definite highlights.