Video: Combine SUP And Yoga For A Killer Workout

Stand up paddleboarding is all the rage, lately. (So much so, that some have dubbed it the next rollerblading, convinced that the trend will fizzle out as fast as it popped up.) But fad or not, the truth is that SUPing is a full-body workout, requiring core strength for stability, legs for balance and arms and back for paddling, to start.

But what happens when you add yoga to SUPing? You challenge your body in entirely new ways—now, not only having to stay upright on the board itself, but also working to maintain balance in poses that are already designed to test your strength and stability.

Dice linda-Klein, an LA-based Equinox yoga instructor, shows off a beautiful sequence on his paddleboard (offshore from Montauk, NY) in the video above. "When you're on the board, you're at the mercy of the winds and the water, and it makes you appreciate the solidarity of the mat so much more," Dice said. "The challenge that it ads is humbling. It's amazing."

As the star of some pretty crazy-amazing yoga videos, though, we're guessing that what's humbling for Dice might make the standard yogi never want to leave child's pose. So maybe before hopping onto your head while floating in the water, consider sticking to Warrior pose—at least until you get the hang of it.

But the best part? Unlike in traditional yoga, if (or rather, when) you fall, you'll make a splash instead of a thud.