VIDEO: 60-Year-Old Climbs Really Hard Route

Most 60-year-old men would not be keen to hang 100 feet in the air by their fingertips. But for Francisco "Novato" Marin, this was just another weekend with the family.

Marin is the father of climbing world cup-competitor Edu Marin, but he still has his own projects. The route he recently climbed, called Gennis, was in the Grand Boveda climbing area in Rodellar, Spain. If you consider that the hardest routes in the world are in the range of 5.15, you can better understand the significance of Marin's 5.14a-climb.

Marin has completed several significant routes in the last decade. At the age of 52, he climbed his first 5.13b. Two years later, he knocked out a 5.13d. His work is proof that you can excel at this sport at any age. And, if you need any more incentive to climb through your golden years, just check out Marin's back muscles as he scales the wall. He doesn't look a day over 30. 

Via Rock and Ice.