Video: A 2-Year-Old's First Solo Wave

Tell your boss that you're going to be late tomorrow. Why? Well, because tomorrow's a big day. Not only is it the first official day of summer (and hence, the longest day of the year), but it's also the eighth annual International Surfing Day. To celebrate, beaches and communities around the world are hosting everything from paddle-outs to mangrove restorations, surf movie nights and beach clean-ups. The Surfrider Foundation (which puts on the big event) calls the day a time to "celebrate the sport of surfing and give something back to the oceans, waves and beaches that give us all so much." (Are you on board with the coming in late, yet? That's what we thought.) So go ahead—find an event, grab your board and head to your local break.

If you're unlucky enough to be landlocked or, worse, cubicle-locked for the day, don't fret. We've got your Surfing Day dose ready and waiting, courtesy of this 2-year-old kid who catches his first solo wave. Warning: His stoke is infectious. Be prepared to grin like a fool for hours after viewing.