Weekend Trip Destinations That Won't Break The Bank

The average employee in America, or at least the lucky one who receives paid vacation, has only taken about just over half – 54 percent – of those days in the past year, according to a recent survey by Glassdoor, a career website. The number has not improved much over the years.[slideshow:103547]

The reasons why so many people choose not to go on vacation are individual. However, the same people can at least make the most of the two mandatory days off they get during the week. No one can argue that a short getaway is in order after five days of work.

Sometimes stresses and chaos in everyday life makes people to go on a quick getaway to clear their minds and recharge. Taking a break from one's normal routine, then going back to work leads to feeling refreshed and more productive.

You don't have to escape to a tropical resort with white sand coasts and crystal clear water; sometimes exploring a new city is more than enough to unwind. 

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