15 Of The Most Beautiful Cemeteries In America

Most people are probably not thinking about where they'd wish to be buried. But if they took a few minutes to actually consider what should their final resting place be, the cemeteries on the following list are definitely going to be high on the their wishlist.[slideshow:104618]

They're usually very well-maintained, have gorgeous big and small walking paths, and offer an insight into history. Also, some or many of their neighbors are local and/or national heroes and celebrities.

Nowadays cemeteries are regarded as haunted places where you shouldn't go at night, especially alone. But they were once public greenspaces. Urban dwellers would go there to have picnics or just to spend some time in nature away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Some cemeteries were never intended to become so big and famous; they were simply old family farms until monumental art became to be a symbol of family wealth.

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