Couch-Potato Paradises: These Are The Most Inactive Cities In America

It's no secret to anyone that people in the U.S. are among the fattest people in the world. More than one-third (36.5 percent) of U.S. adults have obesity, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.[slideshow:103999]

The number is probably not surprising, considering the huge availability of fast-food and increasingly cheaper grocery items that have negatively altered people's diets.

Certain places are more responsible than others for tipping the scale in favor of bad health. To identify them, WalletHub compared 100 of the most populated metro areas in the country across 18 key indicators of weight-related problems.

The data set ranges from share of physically inactive adults to projected obesity rates by 2030 to access to healthy food.

Click here for the 20 most inactive cities in America

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