Spectacular Photos Of National Parks During Fall Foliage

Clean air, panoramic views of bursting bright colors and miles of forests – all reasons why fall is the best time to explore places with phenomenal mixtures of yellow, red, orange and green. The incredible hues peak between September and October all across the U.S. Adventurers and fans of outdoor activities can't wait to put their hiking boots on and set up a tent for an unforgettable camping experience among purple dogwoods and maroon leaves.

Acadia National Park, Maine

The best places to see incredible fall displays are Cadillac Mountain, the quaint Bar Harbor and Jordan Pond, Jim Salge, NewEngland.com's resident fall foliage expert says.

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Badlands National Park, South Dakota

The best time to go is in October for the most outstanding panoramas of mixed grass lowland and the splendor of the eroded waterbeds.

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Cuyahoga National Park, Ohio

This popular park is underrated when it comes to fall foliage. Take the scenic railroad, hike the more than 120 miles of well-maintained trails, and catch a glimpse of one of their many waterfalls.

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Denali National Park & Preserve, Alaska

Alaska is not all ice and snow. Fall comes early there and is shorter than in other states. Be mindful of the moose and caribou preparing for winter.

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Glacier National Park, Montana

Hikers consider the Glacier as their own little paradise. It's best to explore the more than 700 miles of serene trails in the fall when the leaves are changing and wildlife is out.

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Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

The 40-mile long mountain range, calm lakes and rivers won't disappoint if you are looking for a unique display of fall foliage. The deep hues of orange, red and even purple are stunning.

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Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee

The most visited national park in the U.S. is also one of the most gorgeous, especially in October and November. Most people go to the scenic highway that runs along the mountains.

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Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Texas

The Guadalupe Peak is the highest point in Texas. The park, one of the nation's most pristine wilderness areas, offers 80 miles of hiking trails. See the underwater fossils that make the park unique.

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Mount Rainier National Park, Washington

Beyond pure aesthetics, it offers visitors the chance to climb an active volcano, trek through old growth forests and take photos of spectacular wild flower meadows.

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Olympic National Park, Washington

This is one of the most popular national parks in the country. It has three unique environments – mountains, coasts and rainforests. Hiking feels like you are in an imaginary world.

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Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Stunning views from mountain peaks and wildlife sightings are major reasons to visit the park in the fall. And with 355 miles of hiking trails fit for all skill levels, seeing the Rockies on foot is a must.

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Shenandoah National Park, Virginia

Cyclists will find themselves right at home in this park full of trails, leaves and a festival dedicated to fall biking. The more than 500 miles of trails will keep you entertained.

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Wrangell–St. Elias National Park & Preserve, Alaska

The Chugach, Wrangell, and St. Elias mountain ranges converge in what is known as the "mountain kingdom of North America," encompassing 13.2 million acres. It is America's largest national park.  

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Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

This is one of the most famous recreational areas in the country. People go for the most renowned geyser, Old Faithful, wildlife watching, and whitewater rafting.

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Yosemite National Park, California

Yosemite isn't typically recognized for its fall color, but it's certainly worth seeing. Visitors will benefit from fewer crowds and pops of color that typically show in late October.

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Zion National Park, Utah

When it comes to Zion there's a lot to love—especially in the fall. From September into November, leaves in the park change, giving visitors incredible views of striking pink and red rock formations.

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