These Are The 27 Most Popular Summer Vacation Destinations

It's spring – the time of the year when people transition from winter to summer and plan the best trip of their lives. Time flies and trips usually book fast so now's the time to plan a getaway.[slideshow:104227]

Being spontaneous and impulsive is adventurous but not always possible. It's not even a good option when you have children, few days off, trip-buddies who are always busy, and a limited budget. So you may want to consider planning now.

But where do you go?

The following list, in no particular order, is based on seasonal hotel booking interest and search data provided by TripAdvisor, the Travel Channel, Google and Kayak.

TripAdvisor surveyed more than 3,300 U.S. travelers, revealing that 87 percent are planning a summer vacation, up six percent from last year. Of those respondents, 91 percent will travel domestically and the Northeast (27 percent) projects to be the most popular U.S. region for a summer trip. Almost half of Americans will plan a beach/ocean getaway (47 percent), while 38 percent are planning city trips.

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