Drive-In Movie Theaters That Feel Like Stepping Back In Time

Before the rise of multiplex theaters, there were drive-in movie theaters that allowed a family to hop in the car, drive up to a large screen and watch a movie in the comfort of their vehicle. Though drive-ins have been on the decline since their heyday in the late 1950s and early 1960s, there are still some cool retro drive-in movie theaters operating today. Here are photos of some of the coolest-looking vintage theaters across America.

Skyvue Drive-In Theater (Dothan, Alabama)

The Skyvue Drive-In Theater is located in Dothan, Alabama, and is one of Alabama's most vintage-looking theaters.

Grove Drive-In Theater (Springdale, Arkansas)

This photo shows the Grove Drive-In Theater in Springdale, Arkansas, while it was still operating in the early 1980s.

Lakewood Drive-In Theater (Lakewood, California)

The Lakewood Drive-In Theater located in Lakewood, California, pictured during the early 1980s.

Mission Tiki Drive-In Theatre (Montclair, California)

While trends in movies and music might've changed since the year you were born, the Mission Tiki Drive-In Theatre has been operating since 1956 in Montclair, California.

Van Nuys Drive-In Theater (Van Nuys, California)

This photo displays a mural of a man on a horse painted on the Van Nuys Drive-In Theater in Van Nuys, California.

El Monte Drive-In Theater (El Monte, California)

A faded sign of the El Monte Drive-In Theater in El Monte, California, taken in the 1980s.

Mt. Baldy Drive-In (La Verne, California)

A roadside view of the Mt. Baldy Drive-In in La Verne, California, during the early 1970s.

Olympic Drive-In (West Los Angeles, California)

A photo taken in 1973 of the Olympic Drive-In in West Los Angeles, California. California is famous for its beaches, so it's no surprise that this sign celebrates the West Coast pastime of surfing.

Victory Drive-in Theater (Van Nuys, California)

A view of the large sign from the Victory Drive-In Theater in Van Nuys, California, celebrating the area's photogenic natural beauty.

Mesa Drive-In (Pueblo, Colorado)

An array of signs for the Mesa Drive-In, which is still in operation and has been since 1951 in Pueblo, Colorado. The theater even offers the same classic movie theater treats you remember from childhood as well as more modern fare.

Quinebaug Drive-In Theater (Quinebaug, Connecticut)

A vibrant sign for the Quinebaug Drive-In Theater in Quinebaug, Connecticut.

Blue Starlite Mini Urban Drive-In (Miami, Florida)

The sign for the Blue Starlite Mini Urban Drive-In in Miami.

Trail Drive-In Theater (Sarasota, Florida)

A photo of the bright red sign for the Trail Drive-In Theater in Sarasota, Florida, taken in the 1980s.

Sunset Drive-In Theater (Moultrie, Georgia)

The large billboard sign for the Sunset Drive-In Theater located in Moultrie, Georgia, during the late 1970s. If you're a fan of sunsets, here are photos of some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.

Galesburg Drive-in Theater (Galesburg, Indiana)

A photo of the Galesburg Drive-In Theater, a hard-to-miss roadside attraction in the Midwest, during the early 1980s in Galesburg, Indiana.

Drive-in Theatre (Marshalltown, Iowa)

A photo taken in 1980 of the Drive-In Theatre in Marshalltown, Iowa.

Midway Drive-In Theater (Junction City, Kansas)

The large blue sign for the Midway Drive-In Theater in Junction City, Kansas.

Paducah Drive-in Theater (Paducah, Kentucky)

The Paducah Drive-In Theater during the late 1970s in Paducah, Kentucky.

Ruston Drive-In Theater (Ruston, Louisiana)

The colorful back of the Ruston Drive-In Theater in Ruston, Louisiana. It might be vibrant but it doesn't compare to some of the most amazing street murals in the world.

Brewer Drive-In Theater (Brewer, Maine)

A photo taken in 1984 of the Brewer Drive-In Theater in Brewer, Maine.

Bengies Drive-In Theatre (Baltimore, Maryland)

Movie-goers pull into Bengies Drive-In Theatre in Baltimore, one of the few hundred drive-in movie theaters still in business. It's one of many hidden American gems worth visiting.

Boro Drive-In Theater (Attleboro, Massachusetts)

A 1978 photograph of the Boro Drive-In Theater in Attleboro, Massachusetts.

Bay State Drive-In Theater (Seekonk, Massachusetts)

A roadside view of the Bay State Drive-In Theater sign in Seekonk, Massachusetts. Massachusetts' state nickname is the Bay State.

Dartmouth Auto Theater (Dartmouth, Massachusetts)

The Dartmouth Auto Theater in 1984 in Dartmouth, Massachusetts.

Beltline Drive-In (Grand Rapids, Michigan)

A photo of the Beltline Drive-In in Grand Rapids, Michigan, one of the most underrated American cities.

The Ford-Wyoming Theatre (Dearborn, Michigan)

A billboard sign of the showings at the Ford-Wyoming Theatre in Dearborn, Michigan.

The Gay Drive-In Theater (Worthington, Minnesota)

The Gay Drive-In Theater in Worthington, Minnesota, in 1980.

Airway Drive-In (Saint Ann, Missouri)

A photograph taken in 1988 of the Airways Drive-In in Saint Ann, Missouri.

Golden Spike Drive-In (Omaha, Nebraska)

A full view of the Golden Spike Drive-In in Omaha, Nebraska, which is considered one of the most caring cities in America.

TK-Starlite Drive-In Theater (Neligh, Nebraska)

A showing of the movie "We're the Millers" at the TK-Starlite Drive-In Theater in Neligh, Nebraska.

Weirs Drive-In Theatre (Weirs Beach, New Hampshire)

A photo of the marquee for the Weirs Drive-In Theatre in Weirs Beach, New Hampshire.

Fiesta Drive-In Theatre (Carlsbad, New Mexico)

Cars and pickup trucks enter the Fiesta Drive-In movie theater in Carlsbad, New Mexico. The city of Carlsbad is also known for being home to some of the coolest caves in the world.

Flamingo Drive-In Theater (Hobbs, New Mexico)

The neon sign of the Flamingo Drive-In Theater in Hobbs, New Mexico.

Finger Lakes Drive-In Theater (Auburn, New York)

A photo of New York's oldest operating drive-in theater, the Finger Lakes Drive-In Theater in Auburn, New York. It has been in operation since 1947.

Paramount Studios (Los Angeles, California)

Over 250 Mini Coopers converge for a "Mini" premiere of the 2003 film "The Italian Job" at a makeshift drive-in style theater on the Paramount Studios lot in Los Angeles.

Warwick Drive-In (Warwick, New York)

People arrive for a movie at the Warwick Drive-In in Warwick, New York. Drive-in theaters are just one of the many businesses affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Star-Lite Drive-In Theater (Minot, North Dakota)

A photo taken in 1987 of the Star-Lite Drive-In Theater located in Minot, North Dakota.

Skyway Auto Theatre (Ashtabula, Ohio)

A view of the Skyway Auto Theatre in Ashtabula, Ohio.

Winchester Drive-In Theater (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

A photo of the Winchester Drive-In Theater sign in Oklahoma City. Back in the day, travelers down the historic Route 66 would find themselves passing through Oklahoma City.

Brewer's Drive-In Theater (Pauls Valley, Oklahoma)

A view of the Brewer's Drive-In Theater in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma.

K and D Drive-In (Madras, Oregon)

The retro sign of the K and D Drive-In in 1987 in Madras, Oregon.

Starlite Drive-In (Medford, Oregon)

The billboard sign of the Starlite Drive-In in Medford, Oregon.

Maple Drive-In (Indian Orchard, Pennsylvania)

A roadside view of the sign for the Maple Drive-In in Indian Orchard, Pennsylvania.

Twin Hi-Way Drive-In Theater (McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania)

A photo of a faded entrance sign for the Twin Hi-Way Drive-In Theater in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania.

Sunset Drive-In (Norland, Pennsylvania)

The entrance sign for the Sunset Drive-In in Norland, Pennsylvania.

Rte. 146 Drive-In Theater (North Smithfield, Rhode Island)

An old-fashioned sign for the Rte. 146 Drive-In Theater, now called the Rustic Tri-View Drive-In, in North Smithfield, Rhode Island.

Westerly Drive-In (Westerly, Rhode Island)

The vintage sign for the Westerly Drive-In in Westerly, Rhode Island.

Viking Drive-In Theater (Anderson, South Carolina)

A photo of the sign for the Viking Drive-In Theater in Anderson, South Carolina.

Malco Drive-In Theater (Memphis, Tennessee)

A sign for the Malco Drive-In Theater in Memphis, Tennessee. Memphis is also famously home to Graceland, a mansion that looks frozen in time.

Don Drive-In Theater (Port Arthur, Texas)

The Don Drive-In Theater sign featuring the shape of the state of Texas, in Port Arthur, Texas.

Tascosa Drive-In Theater (Amarillo, Texas)

A photo shows the Tascosa Drive-In Theater in Amarillo, Texas. The structure shown in the photo no longer exists, but there is another drive-in theater using this name.

Airline Drive-In (Houston, Texas)

A multicolored sign for the Airline Drive-In in Houston, Texas.

Bordertown Drive-In (Laredo, Texas)

A view of the Bordertown Drive-In in Laredo, Texas.

The Gay 90 Drive-In Theater (Del Rio, Texas)

A photo taken in 1982 of The Gay 90 Drive-In Theater in Del Rio, Texas.

Milentz Drive-In Theater (Liberty, Texas)

The entrance sign for the Milentz Drive-In Theatre in Liberty, Texas.

Trail Drive-In Theater (San Antonio, Texas)

Everything's bigger in Texas, including this vintage mural on the building of the Trail Drive-In Theater in San Antonio, Texas.

Mission Drive-In Theater (San Antonio, Texas)

A wide view of the Mission Drive-In Theater located in San Antonio, Texas.

Trail Drive-In Theater (Amarillo, Texas)

A photo of the Trail Drive-In Theater in Amarillo, Texas, taken in 1982.

Sno King Drive-In Theater (Lynwood, Washington)

A photo of the Sno King Drive-In Theater in Lynwood, Washington.

Duwamish Drive-In Theater (Seattle, Washington)

A photo of the retro building at the Duwamish Drive-In Theater in Seattle.

Star Lite Drive-In Theater (Tacoma, Washington)

The colorful building of the Star Lite Drive-In Theater in Tacoma, Washington.

Drive-In Theater (Kenosha, Wisconsin)

A photo of the Drive-In Theater in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

45 Outdoor Drive-In (New London, Wisconsin)

A vintage entrance sign for the 45 Outdoor Drive-In in New London, Wisconsin.

Star-Lite Drive-In (Cheyenne, Wyoming)

The old-fashioned sign for the Star-Lite Drive-In in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Dreaming of visiting a place you've seen on the big screen? Here are some famous movie locations that you can actually visit.