Your State's Top Winter Destination

It's beginning to look a lot like winter, and decreasing temperatures bring increasing options for fun. Just in time for below freezing temps, we have compiled a list of the best place in your state for a winter weekend getaway or even just a day trip.

The One Place You Should Visit in the Winter in Your State Gallery

Travel can be stressful this time of year, so an in-state destination might be the ticket to keeping up the holiday spirit. From chasing the Northern Lights in Alaska to skiing in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, we offer up 51 fabulous, frosty fun places. Arranged by state, some places are permanent like the pristine white sugar sand beaches along Alabama's Gold Coast while others are ephemeral like the New Year's Eve festivities in Key West that include a conch shell drop.

Any season can be ideal for travel depending on where you go, but winter has its own charm and brings about season-specific activities you may want to take advantage of before the snow melts away. For a holiday getaway that isn't too far from home, check out the one place in your state that you should visit this winter.