America's 10 Most Dangerous Destinations

The following list is based on FBI data of violent crime rates in cities with at least 100,000 people. The agency collects the information through the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program, which includes the number of reported offenses. This ranking is based on the number of offenses known to law enforcement for the first six months of 2015 and 2016. 

10. Oakland, California

Oakland was also not on the list last year. However, the city has seen a decrease in almost every category of violent crime, except aggravated assault, which slightly increase, and rape, which is down by just one from 129 to 128. There were significantly fewer property crimes, burglaries, and cases of larceny-theft.

9. Stockton, California

The city of almost 305,000 people has a total of 2,158 reported violent crimes between January and June 2015, 139 more than the same period in 2015. There were fewer rapes, burglaries and property crimes, but more robberies, murders, and aggravated assaults, and about the same number of cases of larceny theft.

8. Little Rock, Arkansas

The city of almost 200,000 people did not see an improvement in violent crime. There were slightly fewer robberies and burglaries, but the same number of rapes (79) and more murders, aggravated assaults and property crimes. Little Rock also made the list of the worst cities for people with allergies.

7. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, with a population of 600,400 people, also saw a slight increase in the total number of violent crimes – from 4,302 between January and June 2014 up to 4,427 in the same period the following year. There were more rapes and aggravated assaults but slightly fewer rapes and robberies. Property crime also went down a bit. Milwaukee is also on the list of the most dangerous cities for pedestrians.

6. Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City did not make the Top 15 in last year's ranking. The city with a population of about 473,000 people has a total violent crime of 3,668. The rate per 100,000 inhabitants is 774.86. With the exception of property crimes and burglaries, the numbers for rapes, murders, and others are either the same or have increased. 

5. Detroit, Michigan

Detroit, the most populated city in this list with more than 673,000 people, saw a decrease in every violent crime category according to FBI data, except aggravated assault and burglary. The total number of violent crimes went down from 5,794 to 5,409. There 32 fewer murders, 439 fewer robberies, and three fewer rapes.

4. Baltimore, Maryland

The violent crime rate in Baltimore, the third most populated city on the list with just over 621,000 people, has increased from 4,224 to 5,176 per 100,000 people. The number of murders and property crimes has decreased just slightly, but it's up for crimes in almost all other categories, especially aggravated assaults – almost 500 more.

3. Rockford, Illinois

The number of violent crimes in Rockford, the third largest city in Illinois with about 148,000 people, has gone up from 1,168 to 1,238. There was a decrease in the numbers of rapes – from 82 in 2015 to 69 in 2016, as well as of property crimes – from 2,714 to 2,684. Other crime categories saw an increase. The overall violent crime rate per 100,000 inhabitants is 835.48.

2. Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis, the city along the Mississippi River, known for its music and food, saw a small decrease in overall violent crime rates – from 5,733 to 5,515. The numbers were down in almost every category except aggravated assault. The city's population is 657,936 people.

1. St. Louis, Missouri

This iconic city in Missouri has more than 317,000 residents. There was a significant increase in every category of violent crime, except rape, which was down from 141 to 127 reported cases. However, there were about 20 more murders and 900 more property crimes.  The number of total violent crime is 2,781, and the violent crime rate per 100,000 inhabitants is 877.02