17 Reasons You Need To Take A Cruise In 2017

The cruise industry has surpassed 2015 ocean cruise passenger projections and has increased expectations for 2016 – a sign the business is stronger than ever, according to Cruise Lines International Association. No one can argue against taking a vacation. But when there is a chance to go on an all-inclusive trip where you can see dozens of locations without repacking even once, the argument for going on a cruise becomes stronger. Convenience is not the sole motivation.

Stress-free vacation

Why spend your days stressed,  planning every minute of your vacation when you can sit back, relax, and go with the flow? Whatever you decide to do is within arm's reach on a cruise ship. The itinerary, including offshore excursions, is usually planned out, even though you don't have to stick to the plan.  

Crazy onboard adventures

You don't want to be only laying on a lounge chair, sipping sugary cocktails while tanning. How about skydive, zip line across the ship and even climb a mast? You don't even have to be in the ocean to surf. Some may even say that this is a much safer option. Adventures won't face lack of choices to get their adrenaline fix. The result is incredible thrills you can experience in a span of just a few days.

Bucket list trip

Travel the world on a cruise is No. 5 on the list of popular bucket list activities for Americans, according to research. TotallyMoney.com, a site for credit card comparison, has created a bucket list calculator to help with how much money you need to save.

The kids will love it

Cruise ships are designed to keep you and your children entertained at all times. The kids will love the swimming pools, snorkeling opportunities, water slides and parks, movie theatres, and other adventures. Disney cruises – the happiest place at sea – are the ultimate family-friendly floating cities. 

No planning necessary

As is the case with most trips, the earlier you book the better, but finding last-minute deals is absolutely possible. As long as you are very flexible with your dates and can leave at any moment, you may be able to save a lot of money. You may even come across half-off discounts. A seven-day cruise may cost just $1,199.

See the world differently

You're finally going to be able to take the kind of photos that made you fall in love with a place – you'll be able to see a city's magnificent skyline or break through ice as you approach an island. Trade the cars, cement and buildings for volcanic mountains, lavish jungles, and unspoiled atolls.

Easy to visit Cuba

Even with the travel restrictions loosened, going to Cuba on a cruise is still the best way to explore the exotic islands. You don't have to worry about finding hotels, which is a common logistical issue. But don't just walk around the colorful streets; go on adventures that will show you not just the people and the architecture, but also the history, culture and wild side of the country.

One trip, many destinations

Cruises are a hassle-free way to see a few incredible places in one vacation. You don't have to choose between the many irresistible spots in the Caribbean or stunning and historic locations in Europe because you can be in one place today and in a totally different spot tomorrow. You can see several countries without repacking your suitcase or running to catch a flight. Visit many stunning beaches and lavish green landscapes in the span of a just a few days to several weeks.

Save money

Cruises in the fall are an affordable vacation. "You know exactly what you're paying for and you end up spending half of what you would if you went to a resort," Ivy Chou, travel expert at DealsPlus, says. The cheapest prices in the fall are for cruises going to Mexico and the Caribbean, because it's hurricane season, and Alaska. Certain cruises in the winter don't cost a fortune either.

Escape winter

If you have some vacation days saved up, think about escaping the winter and heading to a warm place – a cruise to the Bahamas, for example. Replace the cold, ice and snow with sun, beaches and warm waters. It is the best choice for many Americans who want to go on a trip to a warm paradise but do not want to travel too far away. The region's proximity is also what makes it an ideal budget adventure

No airport troubles

No delayed flights, no mile-long lines to board, no lost luggage. Perhaps best of all, you won't have to worry about departing or landing at one of these dangerous airports. Imagine you're on a plane to your vacation getaway and the pilot says you have been redirected because the runway is too short and you risk falling off a cliff. Don't count on that happening with a cruise ship.

See the Northern Lights

Witnessing one of the most beautiful natural phenomena should be on your bucket list of adventures. Most Northern Lights cruises travel to northern Norway or Iceland, where the displays appear regularly and the climate is mild. In addition to the amazing lights you will also see snow-covered villages, busy commercial ports, and authentic winter lifestyle in the region.

Go off the beaten path

Luckily for the audacious traveler, the world still has many lesser-known and underexplored towns, villages, mountains, and parks that offer some of nature's finest. Hidden gems also offer stunning architecture, rich history, bustling local culture, lively entertainment, and adventure opportunities. Make getting there an adventure by traveling on a ship.

Meet new people

Socializing doesn't get any easier. You'll be surrounded by people who have similar travel interests and ideas. Make new friends and connect with others who are probably going to be from a different part of the world. The person next to you could be French, British, Canadian...The more, the merrier. Go together on shore excursions, have dinner, or party by the pool.

Visit remote islands

How else are you going to get to them? Do you want to explore a remote archipelago in French Polynesia or secluded isles in the South Atlantic Ocean? Isolated spots usually have a very well-preserved history and local culture which make them even more appealing and worth the trip. Tristan da Cunha, for example, the remotest island in the world lies 1,750 miles from South Africa and 2,088 miles from South America.

Unplug and unwind

Depending on where your ship is at any given moment, you may or may not have a phone signal. You may have to pay for roaming in certain ports. Why bother? Take a break from everyday life to be on a real vacation. Go to a place where no one can reach you and you are not tempted to use your phone or any other electronic device. You need to truly unplug and unwind in order to relax and recharge.

Party time all the time

Party by the pool during the day and at a club at night. There will always be music, drinks, and food nearby –what else do you need for a party? You don't have to drive home so relax and forget about restrictions. This, of course, doesn't mean you have a carte blanche to get inebriated and bother other guests.