15 Most Underrated Cities In America

15 Most Underrated Cities in America

Allow yourself to be surprised and give you and your family a chance to have the best vacation of your lives because of the authentic experiences in lesser known gems you're about to explore. It's possible you'll like it so much that you'd actually want to move there.

Detroit, Michigan

Over the last couple of years Detroit has been mostly famous for being bankrupt. But the city is making a comeback. There is always sunshine after a storm. The Eastern Market neighborhood is one of the oldest and most charming in all of the U.S. Small and family businesses such as mom-and-pop shops are on the rise. Also, real estate is still really cheap and will only go up. Sports fans will always be entertained as there are four professional teams in the city.

Sedona, Arizona

Whether you're drawn to Sedona by its beautiful red rock formations or the energy vortices rumored to exist there, this city is for active people who love the outdoors. The land of red rocks and intense spirituality, Sedona is not your average outdoor adventure destination. The desert town draws in artists, healers and wanderers, while the surrounding landscape brings adventurers. Take to Submarine Rock on a mountain bike, head off the beaten path with ATVs and hike Red Rock State Park. When you're worn out take to the lively town and enjoy authentic art and eats. 

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh is not at all just about the steel industry anymore. The city has reinvented itself. Locals have a lot of clean and green parks to enjoy, architecturally beautiful buildings to marvel, and several rivers crossing. Other reasons to live there include prestigious universities, museums, affordable prices, and of course, lots of sports. Thanks to its many college students, the city boasts a lively nightlife scene.

Columbus, Ohio

One of the best parks and public gardens in the country is in Columbus. The Franklin Park Conservatory is a great attraction year round. Themed gardens, glass sculptures and wine offerings round out this kid-friendly spot, making it perfect for date night as well. With more than 820,000 people living there, you will always find something interesting to do. The hipster in you will love the Short North and the artist will appreciate the amount festivals the city holds each year.

Buffalo, New York

Located on the shores of Lake Erie in upstate New York, the second biggest city in the state doesn't get as much attention as NYC. The "home of the chicken wing" is also home to a couple of professional sports teams; this is where you'd have to go to witness the Niagara Falls on the American side; it's a vibrant college town with delicious eateries, especially authentic Polish bakeries. A lot of people are moving from NYC to Buffalo where job opportunities and affordable prices are luring them, according to news reports.

Madison, Wisconsin

Physically active people will love it there. This is one of America's best college towns for cycling. You will also find plenty of dive bars, a thriving scene for hiking, fishing and boating since it's right on the shores of three lakes, Big Ten sports, breweries, local organic foods, a revolving door of shows and concerts. In 2014, topped the list of the 100 best places to live in the U.S. Access to schools, hospitals, infrastructure, affordability and income were taken into account.

Perdido Key, Florida

Perdido means lost. The aptly named community in Escambia County, near Pensacola, is a one of Florida's hidden gems. Everything you love about the state in general – nice weather, pristine beaches and water, wildlife preserve, unspoiled parks, etc. – you will find in Perdido Key, minus the crowds. People have a laid-back attitude, traffic is minimal and everything is just a short drive away.

Tunica, Mississippi

You don't have to move to Las Vegas if you like living the Southern life. Tunica has several casinos, making it a typical gaming city. They don't just offer slot machines and poker tables. They also schedule a lot of concerts and fun events like horse shows, sporting, stage bars and festivals. Tunica is popular for its golf courses, as well as blues clubs.  

Camden, Maine

Camden is a classic seaside town at the foot of Camden Hills. Its slogan is "Where the Mountains Meet the Sea" and is considered by many visitors to be one of the most beautiful places in New England, according to a travel guide. It has a small town sensibility with friendly people, gorgeous views, preserved buildings and historic structures. Camden and its surroundings are perfect for hiking, mountain biking, sailing, and paddle boarding.

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Chattanooga is a great off the beaten path Spring Break destination. In 2015 the city was also named the best place to live in by Outside Magazine. Tech startups are moving to the town of about 175,000 people, creating more jobs. Located by the rocky Tennessee River Gorge, you can count on Chattanooga offering a lot of adventure opportunities. Climbers love it for the sandstone cliffs; bikers like it for the 120 miles of tracks; and thrill seekers enjoy rafting in the Class IV–V rapids on the nearby Ocoee.

Boise, Idaho

Boise nabbed the top spot on Time Magazine's cities that "get it right" in the 2014 "Solutions for America" article. In 2008 Boise landed the number two spot in Forbes for "Best Places for Business and Careers." The fact that other cities are at least 5-6 hours away has forced locals to build whatever they need – such as theatres and even a symphony – in their own city. Sitting at the intersection of desert and mountains only adds to Boise's allure.

Stinson Beach, California

Stinson Beach is a place to walk for miles on white sand, take a dip, have a barbecue, jog, or play games. The oceanfront makes it one of the best swimming beaches in northern California—not to mention a favorite surfing, picnicking, and volleyball spot. The best times of the year for surfing are winter and spring. The adjacent town offers several restaurants and a handful of shops.

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa has one of the best and safest drinking water in America. It comes from three lakes in northeastern Oklahoma. The city monitors pH, turbidly, chlorine, and other water quality tests every 4 hours. Tulsa is also a friendly and easy going city. There's good turnover in IT and reasonably good paying jobs. You can't ignore the concert venues, the minor league ball park, nearby lakes, and the city's closeness to the Ozarks (just about 3 hours).

Concord, New Hampshire

Concord, the capital city of New Hampshire, has a lot of history. It's also surrounded by many nice towns, in case you need a break. It's as beautiful as most New England towns but more affordable and less crowded. The local population is just over 42,000 people. The Capitol Center for the Arts has great concerts and shows, and the planetarium is always entertaining.

Savannah, Georgia

There is so much to see in historic Savannah where Southern charm comes to life everywhere. Take your pick between imaginative architecture, haunted houses or the area's lavish historic district. You can go on a dinner cruise that will treat you to a delicious buffet dinner and live entertainment, which is a treat, especially if you like music from the 50's and 60's. Take a break from dancing and head up to the deck for spectacular views of the city and the river as the sun sets.