The Subwing: Serenity, Speed And Stunts.

Sure, life moves pretty fast. But pretty fast apparently isn't always fast enough for us humans—so we make it go faster. This guy attached a jetpack to his back for skiing. This guy drafted on his bike behind a truck, hitting speeds worthy of a ticket on most roads. And now, these Norwegian guys have developed the Subwing.

The Subwing is, more or less, the lovechild of tubing and snorkeling. That is, you hold onto a wing-like structure that's pulled through the water via a cord attached to a boat (a la tubing), but thanks to the Subwing's design, you're also able to spend most of your time under the surface, surveying the assumingly beautiful surroundings (a la snorkeling). Plus, if you're in it for the adrenaline, you have the option to pull some crazy submerged stunts.

As Gadling points out, moving at "optimal speeds" may not actually be optimal if you're hanging onto the Subwing for beauty rather than for the fun of having your body whipped around like a hand hanging out of a car window at speed—but if the above entrepreneurs are any indication of the rest of the population's desires, we can't imagine you'll be asking the driver to slow 'er down any time soon.  

Just make sure to hold onto your bottoms.