5 Of The Best Ski Gloves For 2016

Your hands are the part of your body to feel the change in temperature. Taking care of them can be an emotionally exhausting task, even for men, because a lot goes into what makes the perfect pair for you. The ability keep your fingers warm is just one factor. Regular winter gloves are easier because the requirements often boil down to "Can I take a selfie?" and "Are they warm enough?"

Ski gloves need a little more consideration. Temperature control, moisture management, comfort, dexterity, and toughness suddenly become a lot more important. While the gloves won't help you ski better, they are the most important accessory because they can make you feel very comfortable (or the opposite). The difference between freezing hands and numb fingers can be a thin line. You also have to consider style, fit and longevity. The material – quality leather, waterproof and breathable fabrics and insulation – matter even more.

This may seem like a long list of "conditions," but none of them mean that the right pair of gloves is an expensive one.

Dakine Titan Gloves

This pair was one of the best-selling gloves on Amazon so far. People liked them because they kept the fingers warm and comfortable for long rides. The gloves have a heat-pack stash pocket. They are also touchscreen compatible so you can actually take some amazing photos on the mountain without freezing. They stay dry because of the waterproof but breathable Gore Tex insert. Price: $65

The North Face Montana Etip Gloves

People like they gloves mostly because they keep their hands dry and warm. Make sure you get a bigger size than usual because they can feel a little tight on occasion. These gloves, too, are touchscreen compatible. The long sleeves keep the snow out. The glove is "stuffed" with 200g Heatseeker insulation at the back of the hand to withstand very low temps. The pair has less insulation at the palm for dexterity. Price: $70

Simplicity 3M Thinsulate Lined Gloves

People say in reviews that these gloves fit very nicely and keep your hands warm in the lowest of temperatures. Snow won't get in because they are long, almost until the elbow. The palm has rubber for better grip. The 3M Thinsulate lining makes the gloves water and windproof but also breathable. They also feature a reinforced palm and thumb patch to minimize the impact of falling. Price: $30

Burton GORE-TEX Gloves

These easy to put on and take off gloves are praised for their removable stretchy fleece liner that makes them breathable, quick drying and warm. You can also wear them when it's not freezing out. They are light but tough and come with multiple drawstrings and straps to keep them secure so they don't fall. A lot of people wear them not only when it's "polar bear" temperature but also during slushy conditions. Price: $70

Hestra Heli 3-Finger Glove

If you're looking for dexterity, easily dryable fleece liner, and comfortable tightness, these are the gloves. People advise to get a size larger than usual because they sometimes run a little small. The gloves are strong and last for several seasons. Reviewers praise them for their excellent dexterity, solid weather resistance, and also because they are easy to put on even when our hands are wet. Price: $130

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