Rock And Ice Names Top Climbers Of 2012

The sport of climbing has seen some amazing feats this year, from a solo ascent of Yosemite's three highest peaks in under 24 hours to a nine-hour speed solo climb up and over Mount Blanc. To honor the work of athletes across the world, Rock and Ice put together the 12 Best Climbers of 2012.

There were no real surprises on the list, but one interesting exception. Chris Sharma, a climbing legend, didn't make the cut. Sharma, 31, lives in Catalonia, Spain and continues to climb some of the toughest routes in existance. He also worked with Adam Ondra earlier this year on what many believed would become the world's hardest climb. 

According to Rock and Ice, however, the biggest achievements of the year belonged to the following athletes. And after checking out the recaps, complete with photos and videos, we have to agree.

12. Tomoko Ogawa
11. Freddie Wilkinson, Renan Ozturk
10. Amuri Tepui Expedition Team
9. Daniel Woods
8. Ashima Shiraishi
7. Kilian Jornet
6. Silvia Vidal
5. Mazeno Ridge Team, Nanga Parbat
4. David Lama
3. Hayden Kennedy
2. Alex Honnold
1. Adam Ondra

Via Rock and Ice.