Is Log Rolling The Sport Of The Future?

Log rolling. The list of associations the vast majority of the world has with this activity goes something like this: Lumberjacks. The end. Amirite?

Apparently, though, the vast majority of the world might be wrong. Log rolling is a real sport, practiced not only by lumberjacks, but also (if this video is representative) by petite blonde women and adorable children. And it's growing—so much so, in fact, that a new company, Key Log Rolling, has rolled out (har har har) a new synthetic, lighter, more portable log. Its goal is to "revolutionize" the sport—bringing it to lakes and pools everywhere, both for a good time and for a good workout.  

If you're unfamiliar with how to log roll, it goes like this: Two opponents stand on either end of a log. They "spar"—each spinning the log with his or her feet until the other falls into the water. It's King of the Tree Trunk, more or less.

Will Key Logs start showing up in lakehouse sheds next to SUPs and innertubes, as the company hopes? It seems like a stretch. But then again, to be honest, it does look like a pretty good time.

Via Cold Splinters.