Full-Size Kayak Can Fit In A Backpack

Mary Poppins might have been able to pull a lamp from her handbag, but this design from Folbot would give the flying nanny a run for her money.

At 16-feet-six-inches and only 39 pounds, the Cooper kayak can fold down to fit into a backpack or a piece of luggage.

But does the Cooper have any value beyond its novelty factor?

Although the model has been around for years, Sean McCoy from GearJunkie recently reminded us about this nifty boat in his review about the kayak's performance on Sloan's Lake in Denver.

To set up the Cooper, you first piece together the aluminum skeleton and then slide the skin onto the structure.

According to McCoy's review, the boat was easy to assemble, almost as stable as a traditional kayak and worked well throughout the test paddle. It's also durable with a hull made from Hypalon (a fabric similar to what's used on whitewater rafts and that "will not discolor or oxidize" over the years, according to the Folbot website), and a deck made from woven hydrophobic polyester with a urethane back-coating for waterproofing.

The biggest drawback is the hefty price tag. At $1,669, this boat is a serious financial commitment—even with the company's lifetime warranty. However, if you have the cash and the dream to paddle the world without checking any luggage, this could be a good option.

To read McCoy's full review, check out the GearJunkie website. 

For more Cooper kayak specs, visit folbot.com.

Via GearJunkie.