Fitness Tip Of The Day: Core For Kayakers

"The next time you hop inside a kayak, perfect your paddle by using your entire body with every stroke. The most common mistake I see is to rely too much on your arms and not enough on your core. Arms-only paddling is inefficient and your arms will quickly tire out, so instead practice using torso rotation in each stroke with minimal involvement of the arms.

When you're at the gym, strengthen your core with basic exercises such as crunches or planks. You can use cable weights to work your rotators or find a gym with a special torso rotation machine. Remember: Your arms are relatively weak compared to your core, shoulders and back, so the more of your body you can bring into the stroke, the more powerful and efficient you'll be on the water."

—Greg Barton is a two-time Olympic kayak gold medalist and co-founder of Epic Kayaks.

As reported by Bethany Marzewski