Bigfoot Caught On Tape In Utah?

Every day, someone posts a story or a photo on the internet from a supposed Bigfoot encounter. However, the video above is the first in a long time to gain so much traction. 

It's footage from Provo Canyon, Utah, in October, when YouTube user Beard Card (who does not want his real name disclosed to the public) and friends caught sight of an animal behind a thicket. Thinking it was a bear, they started to film the encounter, until something unexpected happened.

"...the monster stood up and looked right at us," Card told Fox 13 in an interview. The video, "Provo Canyon Bigfoot Encounter?", has now been watched more than four million times on YouTube. 

While some viewers have listed arguments for its validity, including the hikers' decision to run instead of stay for a better shot, we're skeptical. The way we see it, there are three explanations for the mysterious black creature:

1. The hikers' first hunch was correct, and it's just a bear.
2. It's a guy in a rather clean-looking Bigfoot costume.
3. It is, in fact, Bigfoot.

An informal poll in our office concludes that option 3 is not probable. We would have hung around at least another half second before fleeing.

Via GrindTV and Fox 13.