You've Probably Never Heard Of These 15 Paradise Destinations

You’ve Probably Never Heard of These 15 Paradise Destinations

If you have been to the Caribbean islands more than once, and visited Europe in the summer, you are probably now starting to look for a lesser-known island or adventure destination that only true explorers know about. Under-appreciated and underrated spots, too, have cool ocean breezes, nice weather, majestic mountains to climb and spectacular lakes, but lack the most annoying part of traveling – big crowds.

Marettimo, Italy

Marettimo is the most remote of the three Egadi Islands off Sicily's western coast, which perhaps explains why most international tourists (except divers) don't really know about it. You can reach it by ferries from Trapani. The island lies within a marine nature reserve. Divers, swimmers and people who like a serene atmosphere close to nature live going there on vacation.

Mljet Island, Dalmatia, Croatia

This wild island, Croatia's greenest, in fact, is a true paradise for adventurers who prefer a getaway away from any resemblance to a chaotic city life. Half of the island is actually an unspoiled national park. Only a few people live on Mljet, and forget about any big cities or roads. The island is known for its white and red wine, olives and goat's cheese. More active tourists will have endless opportunities for hiking, swimming, and biking.

Cornwall, England

The region in England's rugged southwestern tip is a hidden jewel with wild hills and hundreds of sandy beaches. Embark on a fairy-tale quest exploring the gorgeous landscapes, full of magic and mystery, and follow in the footsteps of King Arthur. Make sure you find time to stop by Porthmeor Beach this summer. It is very popular among surfers. Take the kids to hunt for crabs at Treyarnon Bay.

Gribbell Island, Canada

The island on the North Coast of British Columbia is deep in the Great Bear Rainforest. You may have to wait a while to see a "spirit" bear, but it'll be worth it. This is a rare Kermode bear that lives on the island and just a few other places. Explore the forest by boat to see other wildlife such as grizzly bears, orcas, humpback whales and sea lions.

Mustique, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Mustique is immersed in history and surrounded by mystery. It's located just about 100 miles west of its popular neighbor of Barbados. The island's natural exquisiteness because of its dramatic hilltops and untouched palm beaches lure tourists. They come back for the wonderful island life, famous for the legendary house parties where guests get together for dinners, cocktail parties, and beach barbeques.

Lake Ohrid, Macedonia

This is the largest and arguably the most beautiful tectonic lake in Macedonia (there are a total of three). It is 18 miles long and 945 feet deep, according to Exploring Macedonia. The serene stillness of its mountain setting will take your breath away. With its unique flora and fauna characteristic of the tertiary period (2-4 million years ago), Ohrid is one of Europe's great biological reserves.

Bremer Island, Australia

This is where you can see the largest known group of killer whales in the Southern Hemisphere, according to Naturaliste Charters. Experts suspect this is due to a leak from an enormous hydrocarbon pocket under the seabed, which fuses with the surrounding water to create an ice-like reef. This in turn spurs a food chain involving crustaceans releasing billions of nutrient-rich eggs into the desolate waters.

Rarotonga, Cook Islands

How would you like to vacation at a place with no traffic lights? It'd be liberating wouldn't it? This is the most populous of the Cook Islands with a population of about 17,000. Go on cross-island treks that climb the tall rocky outcrop known as The Needle. Steep in places and composed of rough terrain, hiking across Rarotonga is not for the adventurer who doesn't enjoy using his or her hands. End your active days on the island with a sensational sunset and a night of hardcore Polynesian dancing. The island's signature "hura" dance makes the hula dance seem like child's play.

Santiago, Cape Verde Islands

This gorgeous mixture of a typical Cape Verde vacation has a lot to offer every kind of traveler. Start with the bustling capital of Praia. Then relax in charming fishing villages and make your way inland to explore and trek stunning mountain peaks and lush valleys. Make sure you stop by the archipelago's oldest settlement, Cidade Velha, a UNESCO World heritage site.

Utila, Honduras

Utila is the smallest of Honduras' Bay Islands, and one of the best scuba diving destinations in the world with abpout 60 dive sites. can offer some of the largest underwater animal encounters in the Caribbean. The water is warm, the reefs are majestic and there is plenty of tropical fish to swim with. The island is often frequented by whale sharks – one of the ocean's gentle giants.

Vieques, Puerto Rico

This is where you go to escape the crowds in the Caribbean. The island is also known as Isla Nena or Little Girl Island. The glowing Mosquito Bay is a vision of bizarre beauty. Thanks to a bioluminescent microorganism, the water is a cool electric blue, looking somewhat like a fantastical sci-fi lagoon, according to TripAdvisor. Go kayaking or get on a boat and glide along the neon waters. Snorkelers love the clean and undeveloped beaches.

Koh Tarutao, Thailand

Tarutao means "old, mysterious, primitive," and this is what you get. The island on Thailand's southern Andaman coast is covered with plush jungles and encircled by pristine beaches. Its rich, and sometimes dark, history is visible in a lot of places. With steep cliffs, former prison sites, and mountains that reach up to 2,300 feet, Ko Tarutao will awe-inspire you.

Batumi, Georgia

Georgia, one of the most under-appreciated holiday adventure destinations, is near the border of Europe and Asia. Batumi is a beautiful Black Sea resort and port city. Its 108-hecatre botanical garden, which has been open since 1912, is one of the one the largest and richest in the world. The increasing flow of tourists is leading to major hotel brands settling there. For a more authentic experience, now is the time to go.

Coast of Crimea

You may have heard of this wonderful place that few people visit nowadays only in relation to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine which has been ongoing since 2014. If somehow you can forget about the politics, all you will see is stunning and pristine beaches, charming little towns, dramatic hills. The region is known for its wine and absolutely delicious seafood.

Bering Island, Russia

Nearly three-quarters of the island is a biosphere reserve. Besides being home to millions of tufted puffins, a large population of Russian sea otters, and a permanently dusky subspecies of Arctic fox, Bering Island also possesses some of the largest rookeries of northern fur seals on the planet. Unknown to Europeans until the 18th century, Bering Island was discovered by the Danish explorer Vitus Bering, who navigated his crippled ship there in 1741.