The Type Of Clothing Rick Steves Says To Pack For The Alps No Matter What Time Of Year

A trip to the Alps may be the highlight of any outdoor enthusiast's vacation, but it is important to pack the right clothing and equipment to explore this beautiful mountain range. One person who knows all about Europe is travel expert, writer, and TV host Rick Steves, who recommended the best time to go to Switzerland on his website. He has a top recommendation for visiting any region of the Alps no matter the time of year: to pack warm clothing.

The reason he gives is that the weather can change without warning. In the Alps, the weather can also differ depending on where you are in the mountain range, so sunshine can quickly turn to rain or even snow as you travel through. If you bring layers, you can easily strip them off or add to them as the weather changes. Difficult and dangerous hikes on your bucket list can be made even more challenging if you're unprepared, and even a quick road trip through the Alps can be affected by the weather. You don't want to abandon your adventure and miss out on the fun due to the wrong clothing.

Other clothing to pack for the Alps

If, like Rick Steves, you want to open your eyes to the true beauty of hiking then you need to be prepared for any situation. Make sure to pack layers like a t-shirt, a long-sleeved top, a fleece, a soft shell jacket, and a raincoat. Choose a moisture-wicking material for base layers as that stops sweat from absorbing in the fabric and keeps you from getting cold. Dress according to the weather, and then pack the rest of your layers in a day backpack so you can adapt to the weather conditions.

To help prevent burns or sunstroke, take a wide-brimmed hat and pack a beanie for the evenings or when it gets chilly. As the sun reflects off the snow, make sure to bring sunglasses with UV protection so that you're not squinting to see while you're trekking in the cold. Once you've packed your clothing, it is important to think about the best footwear to protect your feet while hiking.

How to choose footwear for the Alps

Another important item to make trekking in the Alps a much more pleasant experience is a good pair of waterproof hiking boots. If they fit you properly and you wear them in before you trek, it will save you from getting painful blisters or sores on your feet. For those who are trekking high up in the mountains, you can get specialist Alpine boots which are suitable for icy conditions.

Instead of buying your boots online, try them on in the shop so you can get a feel for them before you commit to making a purchase. It is vital to protect your feet with good quality hiking socks, as they have layers that prevent blisters and are made from material that will keep your feet warm while wicking away moisture. Once you've got all the gear you need to conquer the Alps, consider Gimmelwald, which is Rick Steves' favorite off-the-beaten-path Swiss village.