Male hiker pulling another hiker with climbing rope.
Europe's Most Difficult And Dangerous Hikes To Add To Your Bucket List
In the northern Italian Alps, The Dolomites have hundreds of miles of scenic and thrilling hiking routes that aren't considered difficult but can be dangerous.
The Dolomites, Italy
Since the Dolomites are a top tourist destination, many trails have become overrun, narrow, steep, and extremely rocky. A popular trail is the 75-mile Alta Via 1.
One of Spain's most dangerous hikes, El Caminito del Rey, is a moderate to challenging 5-mile walk that can be completed in one hour or less.
El Caminito del Rey, Spain
The treacherous suspended pathway has slim and steep boardwalks that hug the sheer rocky curves of the Guadalhorce River gorge and offer little room for error.
With its rough terrain, knife-edge ridge, and unforgiving return route, the Aonach Eagach Ridge excursion in the Highlands requires stellar hiking and climbing skills.
Aonach Eagach Ridge, Scotland
Over 950 meters tall and 6 miles long, this eight to nine-hour multi-stage trek ranks high on the list of European hikes that can quickly turn into a life-or-death situation.
Trails vary in length, incline, and difficulty on hikes to the Trift Bridge in the Swiss Alps, one of the world's most dangerous suspension bridges.
Trift Bridge Hike, Switzerland
At 330 feet, the Trift Bridge is approximately 560 feet long and is not for the timid. To access the bridge, hikers must walk up countless steep steps before slowly crossing.
From climbing towering rockfaces with secured chains to trekking through every kind of terrain, the GR20 will put all your outdoorsy skills to the test.
Grand Randonnée 20, France
One of Europe's lengthiest and most challenging hikes, this 112-mile journey across the French island of Corsica is undoubtedly difficult for even the most experienced hikers.