This Top-Rated Hot Springs Resort In Costa Rica Promises A Tranquil Vacation

Life is too stressful, and we all deserve a tranquil escape every now and again. For a convenient location just a hop-skip away from mainland USA, Costa Rica is never a bad idea. Filled with abundant wildlife, lush waterfalls, monstrous volcanoes, and thermal hot springs galore, Costa Rica is a nature lover's paradise. Speaking of paradise, if relaxing is your primary goal, there's one acclaimed resort located near La Fortuna that will meet all of your wellness needs.

Paradise Hot Springs Resort is where "water meets relaxation." There are accommodations onsite if you want to spend the night here, but if you don't want to completely commit to a wellness retreat, you can also utilize the resort's day pass. Whether it's getting a massage, a spa treatment, or simply soaking in the naturally healing waters of the Costa Rican hot springs, we have a feeling after a few days (or hours) at Paradise Hot Springs Resort, you'll be feeling refreshed and as rejuvenated as ever.

A wellness getaway of your dreams

Wellness escapes are crucial for reviving our souls and rejuvenating our physical and mental beings. At Paradise Hot Springs Resort, be prepared to relax and totally treat yourself. The hot springs at the resort are heated from nearby Arenal Volcano, one of La Fortuna's most prominent landmarks. Loaded with natural minerals, the water at Paradise Hot Springs Resort is said to be naturally healing, with properties like magnesium, which is great for combatting kidney stones, sodium chloride, which is said to help alleviate pain, and sulfates to help soothe itchy skin.

You can also opt for massage and spa services. Go for a golden hydration facial, complete with a honey and rice exfoliating mask, or to really immerse yourself in your surroundings, try the volcanic mud and thermal water wrap, which utilizes resources from the nearby volcano. The treatment helps exfoliate the skin and draw out toxins, making you feel silky smooth afterward.

Location is key

While it would be understandable if you chose to spend the duration of your Costa Rican time at Paradise Hot Springs Resort, you're in one of the best areas of Costa Rica, and you should make time to explore outside of the resort, too. La Fortuna is well known for its hot springs, but it's also an adventure and animal lover's oasis.

If you've ever had dreams of seeing sloths in Costa Rica, you're in luck; La Fortuna is one of the best places to do so. While there's no guarantee, a quick hike to Arenal Volcano is where you'll have the most luck at seeing one of these cute creatures.

Also, you simply cannot miss Fortuna Waterfall, one of the world's best waterfalls for swimming. To get here, you'll need to walk down 530 steps, but it is worth it to see the majestic blue falls. For even more physical activity, check out La Fortuna's hanging bridges. The sometimes shaky bridges make for equal parts fun and adrenaline rush.