This Popular, Affordable Island Tour Is One Of The Best Rated Caribbean Experiences

There's no denying that one of the most efficient ways to experience a new destination, especially an island, is by taking a tour. Through the eyes of a local tour guide, you not only have transportation to several hotspots, but you have someone who lives in your respective destination and can pick their brain on historic traditions, local eats, and insider tips.

In the Caribbean, many travelers make the mistake of assuming all islands are the same. However, a tour of even two islands will debunk this theory fair and square. For one of the best-rated and most affordable tours in the region, if you find yourself in Aruba, which everyone must visit at least once, you must book the Aruba Full Island Tour. Offered in Dutch, English, or Spanish, this seven-hour tour has prices starting at just $65. In just a few hours, learn about the island's gold rush, visit an aloe vera factory, and take a dip in the waters of one of the Caribbean's best beaches.

What to expect on a full island tour of Aruba

When you book the Aruba Full-Island Tour, get ready for a jam-packed day filled with hidden gems, local hotspots, and popular tourist sights. You'll start at the Aruba Aloe Factory Museum and Store and learn about Aruban aloe vera, which dates back 160 years. Next, head over to the California Lighthouse and Sasariwichi Dunes. From the California Lighthouse, take in the stunning views of the island. Your third stop is at a Catholic church, Alto Vista Chapel. Not only can you walk around the chapel, but you'll also have a chance to try some fresh coconut water to stay hydrated before your next stop, which you'll be thankful for since there's some physical activity involved.

Ayo Rock Formations is up next, and a small hike up a set of stairs will bring you to the top. For one of the biggest tourist attractions on the tour, you'll then head to the natural bridge of Aruba. Note that the original natural bridge of Aruba collapsed in 2005, but there is still a "little" natural bridge. At this stop, you can see remnants of the original one, along with the smaller one that still stands. You're almost at the end, with a quick walk around the Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins next, before finally ending at Baby Beach. Baby Beach is often referred to as one of the best beaches in Aruba, so it's a perfect way to end the day.

The biggest standouts

Even if a tour is curated to include the most incredible and unique spots, that doesn't automatically make it a good one. Luckily, the Aruba Full-Island Tour has fantastic spots and great reviews, nearly perfect reviews, in fact. The number one standout to most travelers who have taken the tour is how incredible and knowledgeable the guides are. Many praise both the guides and the tour itself as an educational experience. Many travelers also say not to be fooled by assuming that the spots listed are the only places you'll stop, as several guides go out of their way to include additional stops.

Reviews for the tour frequently mention their appreciation of the small group sizes. Some favorite spots are Baby Beach and the California Lighthouse, though it should be noted that admission for the lighthouse is not included in the price of the tour and is an additional cost. All in all, if you want to come to Aruba and do minimal planning, let someone else do the heavy lifting and book the Aruba Full-Island Tour.