These Popular UK Train Routes Were Named The Best In The World

Who knew that train routes as magical as the Polar Express existed in real life? What now constitutes a leisurely excursion showcasing cityscapes and the natural elements was once a symbol of wealth and status during the 1920's golden age of rail travel. The United Kingdom is home to some of the most iconic and stunning train routes that crisscross the countryside and highlight some of the nation's most iconic landmarks. And let's be honest — few things are cozier than watching the everchanging canvas of brilliant foliage out the window of a luxury vintage carriage.

According to The Sun, two of the world's most captivating railway routes run through the heart of the United Kingdom. Both the British Pullman and the Royal Scotsman have claimed their place in the spotlight as preferred travel methods by royalty and as a coveted getaway for travelers around the world. The British Pullman, in particular, preserves the history of its country's past and is not shy about sharing its close ties with former British royalty. Each carriage bears a story of the royal figures it's served, with Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth among them. From fine-tuned craftsmanship reminiscent of the early 1900s to top-shelf spirits served onboard, a round-trip ticket on these enchanting steam engines promises world-class views, luxury, and leisure.

Indulge in a taste of luxury on The Royal Scotsman

With wealthy landscapes rich in rugged highlands and ancient coastal cliffs, it's no wonder traveling by train is a voyager's preferred transportation method when in Scotland. The Royal Scotsman showcases the best of Scotland's natural beauty while delivering a luxury cinematic experience. The train tracks cut through the heart of the Scottish highlands, rolling past iconic landmarks, including Kyle of Lochalsh and Cairngorms National Park. Passengers will delight in the intimate experience, with a capacity of just 40.

Private grand suites reflect the finest Scottish craftsmanship, marked by contemporary comfort that gently lulls guests to sleep as the train winds through captivating terrain. Known for its luxury elements, it's a mistake not to indulge in the Royal Scotsman's elegant spa carriage. With two treatment rooms, the Dior Spa (named after Christian Dior, who frequented Scotland) offers everything from massages to facials, translating into a sanctuary nicknamed a "cocoon of serenity." 

Passengers can select their preferred overnight experience, curating a perfect voyage through the Scottish terrain. The Essence of Scotland tour comprises a three-night tour, departing from and arriving in Edinburgh. The route transverses the rolling hillsides of Perthshire, the Caledonian forest, and the sleepy town of Aviemore. Daylight hours are spent touring the Ballindalloch Castle in Aviemore, while evenings are celebrated with a fine dining experience of fresh, wild-caught salmon and hand-dived scallops. Folk melodies and live entertainment invite guests into Scotland's iconic, joyous camaraderie.

Step back in time aboard the British Pullman

All aboard the British Pullman! The timeless tracks that host this luxury Belmond train whisk travelers through the charming English countryside on a tour of splendor and adventure. Cambridge, York, and Canterbury are just a few iconic stops passengers will get a glimpse of on this captivating journey. History is everywhere onboard, commemorating previous eras in Britain's heritage and showcasing everything from classic architectural styles to live reenactments of vibrant Cabaret performances. The 1920s and 30s carriages are dressed with magnificent Art Deco finishes — a tangible example of luxury rail travel at its height. The train departs from London Victoria Station, and individualized tours highlight ancient castles, iconic British landmarks, and the picturesque landscapes covering the nation's backcountry.

From scenic voyages across the British countryside to interactive murder mysteries, the British Pullman displays the best of all its country offers. Five-star cuisine accompanies every journey on the British Pullman, curating a whimsical selection of farm-to-plate delicacies sourced from local producers. Between the elevated luxury and fine-dining experiences, tickets are expensive, and a round-trip ticket costs hundreds of pounds. 

The Garden of England tour is an enchanting route that stewards passengers through the Kent countryside while stepping back in time to the golden age of the railway. Rolling hillsides draped in orchards, hop gardens, and vineyards coalesce on a captivating canvas of Britain's finest natural landscapes. World-class sommeliers and chefs prepare innovative seasonal menus for guests to feast on the flavors of Kent.