Save On Flights With This Popular Airline Using This Genius Booking Hack

If you're eyeing destination ideas in whatever season, you may be wondering when to start locking in your plans, as booking airline tickets is always a bit of a gamble. Vivian Tu, an ex-Wall Street trader and author known as @yourrichbff on TikTok, recently shared a way to eliminate the drama of booking airline tickets and get peace of mind about the price you pay. The best part is that technology will do all the hard work for you. In the video, she's talking about Delta Airlines, but viewers have noted in the comment section that this hack also works with Southwest.

First, pick out a Delta Airlines flight at a price point that feels comfortable for you. Book the ticket as you usually would. Now comes the fun part: Go to Google Travel and find the flight you purchased. Above the flight results, on the left-hand side, you'll see a toggle switch to track the prices. If the price goes down, you'll get a notification via email.

How the booking hack works

When the price drops, Delta Airlines might not honor the difference on the phone, as it doesn't offer price matching. However, you can go into the online system and "modify" your flight, which just means selecting the same flight and re-entering your details. When you checkout, a credit for the price change will appear on your account, which you can use on future flights.

Enthusiastic viewers added a few more Delta hacks into the comments section. For example, if you book a main cabin fee, there is no change fee, which means technically, you can pull this move as many times as you want. Also, Delta flights are often cheaper through its airline partners, like KLM, which could reduce ticket prices by half. Last, if you book your flight on Delta via your Capital One Venture X card, the company will automatically send you a credit for any future price changes — no extra steps required. When it comes to travel hacks, TikTok truly is a gold mine.