This Little Known Luxurious Town In Mexico Is A European Inspired Beach Getaway

If you're longing to enjoy bold flavors, rich cultural influences, and colorful scenery, a Mexico vacation is a must. Home to ancient pyramids, Spanish colonial cathedrals, and vibrant urban centers, Mexico is a destination where you can count on incredible experiences with every visit. It's a dynamic country that's also filled with surprises when you know where to look. If you're searching for a place where you can seamlessly pair luxury, great views, and European-inspired style, the little-known beach getaway of Careyes might just be calling your name.

This privately-owned family estate and resort sits on the Pacific Coast of Mexico along Highway 200. Careyes is situated about three hours south of well-known Puerto Vallarta and encompasses nine miles of shoreline. Visitors are thrilled to find everything from sea caves and coves to beautiful beaches and lush tropical terrain across hidden-away Careyes. The landscapes here are defined by a collection of colorful casitas, bungalows, and elegant villas mixing traditional Mexican colors with European architectural style.

Careyes was established back in 1968 by an Italian banker by the name of Gian Franco Brignone. The story goes that Brignone flew over the area now known as Careyes and was so captivated by the ocean cliffs and lush terrain he saw below that he purchased 20,000 acres without hesitation and turned it into a luxurious retreat. Today, Careyes remains a hidden jewel of luxury for travelers from near and far to enjoy if they know where to find it.

Explore Careyes with some help from world-class concierge services

Its off-the-beaten-path location on the coast makes Careyes a picture-perfect destination for sun seekers hoping to spend as much time as possible on the beach. Beyond the sand, there are plenty of other activities to add to the itinerary when Careyes is your vacation destination of choice. Many vacation rental bungalows, villas, and casitas in the area like Casa Jaguar offer world-class concierge services. Through these professionals, guests can easily book chartered sailing experiences when the waves beckon. Other popular excursions to enjoy while you're in the area include snorkeling, diving, kayaking, and deep-sea fishing, or you may just want to relax and enjoy a sightseeing cruise.

Visitors who happen to have a heart for wildlife will love that Careyes is packed with opportunities to get out and observe an array of local bird species. According to iNaturalist, this region is home to everything from the snowy egret and brown pelicans to the roseate spoonbill, great blue heron, and cinnamon hummingbirds, too. For a chance to view shorebirds in a unique way, consider booking a horseback riding outing on the beach with the experts over at the Costa Careyes Polo Club instead. The El Careyes Club and Residences also offers custom marine encounters for guests with a focus on watching dolphins and whales thrive in the waters around Careyes between December and February.

From relaxation to nightlife, Careyes has you covered

When you're looking to take a relaxing vacation or do non-stop sightseeing, Careyes has what you're looking for. For the utmost in relaxation, make sure to book a sound bath and meditation session at the Copa del Sol. This unique structure resembles an oversized satellite dish but is designed for energy-healing experiences as sound and light reverberate through the bowl. Afterward, indulge your tastebuds at a local eatery such as Casa de Nada and savor the sight of rolling dune landscapes as you enjoy handcrafted cocktails, delicious tacos, Spanish tapas, and plenty of dancing after the sun goes down.

Careyes is also a destination known for its exciting annual festivals for visitors to enjoy. Travelers flock here in March for the Arte Careyes Film Festival as well as the Agua Alta Polo Cup each April. One of the most iconic celebrations in the area is the Chinese New Year celebration every February.

Whether you head this way for luxury villas, hidden-away allure, fantastic food, or options to explore gorgeous landscapes, Careyes is well-worth visiting. The high travel season here is typically considered the timeframe between November and April when the weather is consistently sunny. June through October constitutes the rainy off-season, but this could perhaps be the very best time of year to visit for even more tranquility to enjoy.