The 10 Most Popular Eateries At Disneyland's Downtown Disney, According To Yelp

There's theme park food and then there's Disneyland food. While the Happiest Place on Earth dabbles in typical quick and easy bites like hotdogs, burgers, and fries, it's also earned itself a well-respected slot on the culinary scene over the decades. Whether you're looking for a quick breakfast, an instant sugar rush, or a feast full of complex carbohydrates, Disneyland Resort truly has options for every appetite.

Recently, it's put a lot of effort into improving these options in its parkside shopping district, Downtown Disney. By the end of 2024, the area beyond the Disneyland esplanade — which doesn't require a ticket — will complete a transformation that will see several new restaurants, such as Din Tai Fung and GG's Chicken Shop, added to Disney's dining lineup.

Until that day comes, Downtown Disney is home to plenty of eateries to satisfy both you and your stomach. We've put together a list of the best dining options, according to their ratings and reviews on Yelp — as well as a dash of our own experiences — to make your next trip to Disneyland as tasty as possible.

Jazz Kitchen Coastal Grill & Patio

If you're looking for some evening entertainment with decidedly fewer mice and princesses than that offered in the parks, you can kick back with a martini and enjoy a different musician at Jazz Kitchen Coastal Grill & Patio every night. Part jazz club and part Creole restaurant with a Southern Californian twist, it was previously known as Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen until it reopened from a lengthy refurbishment in June 2023.

While you can never go wrong with the drinks, patrons have varying opinions on Jazz Kitchen's food. Dishes like seafood gumbo, jambalaya, and salmon are served in massive (and tasty) portions, but some reviewers have complained that they're slightly blander than what you'd expect from Creole cuisine. "If you are looking for traditional Louisiana food, this is definitely not the place," one reviewer wrote on Yelp, where Jazz Kitchen Coastal Grill & Patio has a 3.9 score. 

One thing patrons can agree on is that the restaurant's refurbishment has been for the worse, not the better. Back when it was Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen, its decor felt more authentic to its New Orleans inspiration with a wrought-iron balcony and nightly jazz performances. While the restaurant still hosts different jazz musicians each evening, the restaurant now, as one guest noted, "looks like any typical modern eatery." Regardless, it still has a good atmosphere and makes for a lively evening meal.


Odds are, you've already been to one of the other 758 Jambas dotted across the U.S. Its Downtown Disney branch isn't much different from any other location. However, what it does do, it does well. Think healthy, freshly-made smoothies and light bites like sandwiches, waffles, and acai bowls that are quick and easy to grab any time between 7 a.m. and 12 a.m. "Drinks come out great every time," a guest wrote on Yelp. "I can always rely on this location to get a quick breakfast before heading into the Disney parks."

With a 3.9 score on the site, Jamba isn't exactly being touted as Downtown Disney's finest eatery. Its main issue is that it's always busy — but then again, so is Disneyland in general. Fortunately, its staff makes up for it with reliable, speedy service, with many reviewers describing the friendly Jamba workers as a highlight, and you can pre-order your drink through the Jamba app to help cut down queuing time. Several reviews described this as the fanciest Jamba they've ever visited, which is saying a lot considering there are 398 in California alone. If you're a Magic Key holder, you can also enjoy a 10% discount on your order.


Like Jamba, nobody is heading to the Downtown Disney Starbucks for a hearty dinner. While there are Starbucks outlets inside both Disneyland and California Adventure, this location is great for a pre-park caffeine boost or end-of-day snack. Reviewers have given it a Yelp score of four stars, praising the cheery attitudes of the baristas who always try to infuse the coffee shop with a bit of Disney magic.

Ultimately, it is just another Starbucks. The quality of its lattes, Frappuccinos, and muffins is as consistent as it is anywhere else, and the same seasonal drinks pop up in the store as they would at your local. The biggest difference is that it has a select range of rare blends usually limited to the Starbucks Reserve, such as Guatemala Antigua and Komodo Dragon, and that it bears the brunt of Disneyland traffic all day long. It's located next door to the massive merchandise store World of Disney, right at the point where guests flood out of Disneyland and California Adventure at the end of a long park day. 

While the location is pretty big and the staff is more than capable of juggling the crowds, reviewers have also described it as "chaotic," "loud," and "super busy." Our pro tip is to order your drink through the app ahead of time. Also, don't count on it being the kind of Starbucks where you can sit down with your laptop and knock out a few hours of work.

Blue Ribbon Corn Dogs

If you thought all corn dogs were born (or fried) equal, think again. Although Blue Ribbon Corn Dogs does sell your standard all-beef corn dog, it's best known for its more outlandish dishes, such as the infamous pickle corn dog (a hot dog wrapped in a pickle and deep-fried). It also has a rotating menu of seasonal specials, which tend to be equally creative.

Each corn dog is made-to-order, which can mean you end up waiting a while if the line is long. Luckily, once you get your food, you get plenty of bang for your buck; Blue Ribbon's corn dogs tend to be huge and can easily feed two people. Reviewers have praised its offerings as being good value for money — which is fortunate, considering the main gripe many have with the outlet is its prices. While a classic corn dog will set you back $12.50, the more ambitious flavors can reach $15.50.

These flavors also tend to be divisive with guests. However, that's to be expected with such a unique menu, with one reviewer even noting that "it's interesting to try at least once." Those who are pro-pickle dogs are extremely passionate about Blue Ribbon Corn Dogs, giving the outlet a rating of four on Yelp. In fact, the outlet has proved so popular with Disneyland guests (and TikTok) that it's opening a second location at Walt Disney World's Boardwalk Resort in 2024.

Naples Ristorante E Bar

Nothing hits the spot after 25,000 steps quite like copious amounts of bread, cheese, pasta, and wine. Naples Ristorante E Bar is one of the first eateries you pass if walking into Downtown Disney from the parks, and for that reason, it's usually packed and can take a while to be served if you haven't managed to make an advanced reservation via the Disneyland app.

If you're a pizza lover, however, it's worth the wait. Even Naples Ristorante E Bar's most negative Yelp reviews name its pies — wood-fired and stacked with fresh mozzarella — as a highlight. Its weekend brunch options are also well-regarded by diners, especially the ricotta pancakes. "Not only was the presentation beautiful, they were so light and fluffy that I am still thinking about it post-Disney vacation," wrote one Yelp reviewer.

Like a lot of restaurants in Downtown Disney, the biggest issue most reviewers seem to have with Naples Ristorante E Bar is the prices. While it's admittedly quite expensive (a large margherita pizza will set you back $35), it's definitely not up there with the most luxurious outlets on Disney property. Others have also complained that it's axed a lot of its vegetarian dishes, as well as the fan-favorite risotto. Yelp reviewers give Naples Ristorante E Bar an average score of 4.1.

Tortilla Jo's

Tacos, burritos, enchiladas, and other Mexican staples are all on the menu at Tortilla Jo's. The restaurant prides itself on its fresh guacamole, and rightfully so. Its Yelp reviews are bursting with praise for the servers making guac at their table, tailoring it to your spice preferences. Other popular dishes include the fajitas and ceviche trio, and everything comes in impressively hefty portion sizes.

For adults, one of the high points is the drinks, which we can vouch for being some of the best on Disneyland property. There are 130 types of tequila stocked behind the bar, and its margaritas – which are available in flavors as wild and varied as pineapple-cilantro, pomegranate, and blood orange — are a favorite among regulars. It also has a solid mocktail menu. If you visit between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. on a weekday, you can benefit from happy hour, which slashes the price of select drinks such as sangria, draft beer, and snacks including tacos, queso fundido, and crispy potato wedges.

Generally, visitors have few complaints about the food and drinks at Tortilla Jo's, which explains its 4.2 rating on Yelp. The only sore point seems to be slow service, but that comes with the package of dining anywhere in Downtown Disney. Again, we recommend reserving a table through the Disneyland app ahead of time.

Earl of Sandwich

It may be a chain, but for many, Earl of Sandwich is very much a "Disney" restaurant. The sandwich shop can be found at Disneyland, Disney World, and even Disneyland Paris, and often crops up in rankings of the tastiest and most affordable places to eat at the resorts. This affordability is its biggest selling point to most patrons. "Under $10 for a gourmet sandwich?!" one Yelp reviewer wrote. "That actually exists in Southern CA?"

Its menu of made-to-order sandwiches covers all the classics, such as tuna melt, Italian, and ham and Swiss cheese. The real standout is its holiday sandwich, which combines seasonal favorites like turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce, and is available year-round. If you're looking for something a bit more filling, this location also includes an attached sit-down restaurant known as Earl of Sandwich Tavern where you can order entrees such as burgers, ribs, and fish.

Yelp reviewers have given Earl of Sandwich a score of 4.3. Most criticisms are directed at its restaurant side — which doesn't have a separate listing on the site — and not the sandwich shop. Unhappy reviewers claim that the Tavern doesn't offer the best service, with one visitor encouraging future diners to "just stick with the sub-sandwich section of Earl that's right next door." Worth noting is that this grab-and-go sandwich option and its outdoor seating are moving as of winter 2023 to make space for Porto's Bakery, while the Tavern will remain in its current spot.

Clyde's Hot Chicken

This chicken stand only opened at Downtown Disney in April 2023 but rapidly established itself as a fan-favorite. Located near the Disneyland Monorail station, it serves hand-breaded, boneless fried Nashville chicken in varying degrees of spiciness: Natural (an option specifically introduced to cater to the Disney demographic), Original (flavored with sweet cayenne), and Hot as Cali (a blend of cayenne and habanero that is best reserved to the bravest of taste buds).

Due to the fact that it is just a cart, this location doesn't offer as many options as Clyde's Hot Chicken's other outlets. Its speciality is five pieces of chicken on a stick, which is much tastier than it sounds. The serving size isn't enough for a meal but makes for a filling snack that its five-star reviewers have described as "delicious" and "perfectly crisp." Critiques are far and few between on Yelp, where it has a score of 4.3. However, patrons have warned that even the Original may be too hot for some appetites. As there's no seating provided, you'll also need to find a spot to sit (or stand) to chow down your chicken, which is sometimes easier said than done at Downtown Disney.

Salt & Straw

Forget your Mickey Premium Bars and Dole Whips; the best ice cream at Disneyland isn't in the parks. Salt & Straw arrived at Downtown Disney in 2018 with its hot, handmade waffle cones and famously eccentric flavors – including vegan flavors — in tow. Some of its most unique scoops include pear and blue cheese, strawberry honey balsamic with black pepper, and Arbequina olive oil. Its seasonal flavors have included everything from spiked eggnog to turkey and cranberry sauce. Even its vanilla ice cream isn't straightforward; it's made with Singing Dog Vanilla, which promises twice as much flavor.

While its flavors definitely won't appeal to everyone, Salt & Straw has an extremely dedicated fanbase. It has a 4.5 star rating on Yelp, where one reviewer dubbed it "next level creamy goodness." If you're not sure which flavor is for you, its staff are extremely generous with samples and committed to making sure you order the right one. Despite its small size and long lines, service tends to be quick and efficient and you can mobile order. Although it's not cheap — a single scoop will cost you $7.25, a double scoop is $9.95, and a waffle cone is $2.25 — you get a lot for your money, and you're ultimately paying for the novelty.

Kayla's Cake

There's no shortage of sweet treats available at Downtown Disney. According to reviewers, the best of the best are found at Kayla's Cake. The stand specializes in cakes in a jar and delicate macarons, all handmade at their bakery in Fullerton, but it has taken a leaf from Salt & Straw's book by being extra ambitious with flavors such as crème brûlée, Fruity Pebbles, and Earl Grey. There's even a galaxy caramel flavor, topped with stars and glitter.

Reviewers are united in their love for these artisan French cookies. Kayla's Cake has a score of 4.7 on Yelp – the highest of any eatery at Downtown Disney. "I'm not even a huge fan of [macarons] because they're usually on the dry and brittle side but Kayla's [macarons were] texturally soft and had more cream," said one reviewer.

You'll find Kayla's Cake just past World of Disney as you enter Downtown Disney from the parks. It costs $3.20 to order one macaron, $3.90 for the "special" macarons, and $4.30 for the chocolate-dipped macarons. Considering the artistry and skill it takes to make them, opinion is split on whether these prices are expensive or not, and some visitors have complained that the cookies have got smaller in recent years. If you are going to splash out on one (or one dozen), crème brûlée is usually the biggest crowdpleaser. Top tip: you can get a free bonus macaron with any purchase if you check in using the Yelp app upon arrival.


Nobody knows restaurants best than the people who dine at them on a day-to-day basis. While we used our personal experiences as a starting point, we delved into the Yelp reviews of all 26 eateries in Downtown Disney to get a fair, unbiased idea of the pros and cons of each outlet.

Although the overall rating was a pretty good indicator of how patrons felt about a restaurant, we were also looking to gauge general opinions on food quality, prices, service, and — for Downtown Disney's table-service restaurants — general atmosphere. Of course, everybody's taste buds are different, and every outlet has its good (and bad) days, so just because a restaurant didn't make the list, doesn't mean it's not worth trying. However, these are the ten eateries that manage to most frequently impress Downtown Disney guests.